Loved by who? (One Direction fanfic)

Brynn just moved to Ireland after a hard time with family and friends in America. Now she finds out that a certain boy band lives across the hall. What happens when memories with one of the boys from years ago hunts her or parties to hard well you'll just have to find out


5. Mommy *Flashback Chapter*

“Brynn” I looked up in a flash “Yes” “What is the Square root of 5,789” “Um………” “76.0854782465” Jane Clark said proudly “Thank you Jane but I didn’t ask you” *Bell rings* “All right ever one pick up your home work on your way out” My teacher Mr Joe hated me I went to my locker and Jane and her friends came over “Little baby can’t do math” Jane and her friends laugh “Hey leave her alone” then one of my best guy friends Kyle Jenson came over “What you need someone else to stand up for you little baby” Jane said then the football captain Josh Picker came over “You Heard him leave her alone” he said sounding very tough “Sorry Josh” the girls walked away but one of the girls knocked over my books “You ok” Josh said as he helped me pick up my books “Yeah thank you for standing up for me” he helped with the books then left “What no thanks for me” Kyle said sarcastically “Why thank you sir Kyle” we both started laughing and walked to 5th hour we got there a little late and the teacher looked at me she was my Spanish teacher Mrs Johnson was my favorite teacher Kyle sat down I was about to but Mrs Johnson asked me to come in the hall with me “Your mother just got in a car accident and is in the hospital grab your things and head to the office I was scared out of my mind my aunt had been in a car accident and went In to a coma and died three months later I headed down to the office the look on my brothers face was as scared as me my cousin Abby walked in she was 22 and her face wasn’t any more reassuring then my brothers I remember the car ride wasn’t fun my stomach wasn’t feeling very well we got there and my sisters Isabella and jasmine came over and hugged me they looked like the where crying I kneelt down and whispered to them “It’s ok everything’s gonna be alright I saw little max trying to run to me but he wasn’t very fast I let go of the girls and ran over to max and picked him up he gave me a huge hug and said “Is mommy ok” I looked at him holding back the tears “Yes” Jaxson and Lexi came running in jack went by Marcus and stared crying Lexi was holding on to my father not letting go my aunt Vicky walked around the corner were the other kids came from when I got there with Chloe crying  *2 hours later* I was sitting in the lobby with Max, Isabella, Jaz (that’s jasmine’s nick name) and Lexi the others (Chloe, Jaxson ,Marcus) Where in the cafeteria my dad, aunt Vicky and Abby were in my mothers hospital room Max and Isabella were playing with some of the toys in the waiting area and Jaz was watching tv I think lion king

                                       *one month later*

My mother died that night in the hospital a month ago it’s been very tough my fathers on drugs and has been drinking so we have been living with my aunt Vicky and her kids John and Conner (Twins) 10 Brooklyn 13 Lea 16 Chris 19 and Abby 22 she has a huge house so it’s not very packed

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