Loved by who? (One Direction fanfic)

Brynn just moved to Ireland after a hard time with family and friends in America. Now she finds out that a certain boy band lives across the hall. What happens when memories with one of the boys from years ago hunts her or parties to hard well you'll just have to find out


2. I Hit A Man With My Soccer Ball

It was my first day living in Ireland , My apartment was on the top floor with a good view of a park. It was about  10:00 P.M here but I wasn’t tired there were soccer goals down at the park I grabbed my soccer ball and my favorite hoddie .  I saw nobody at the park so I stretched out  , Then ran over to the goal There was a man walking I kicked the ball at the goal a little to hard and it hit the man in the face he fell on the ground. I ran over to see if he was ok  “OMG are you ok I’m so sorry” “ Yeah I’m fine nice kick” he laughed very loud ” Why thank you” I laughed “Do you need some company” “Sure” he picked up my ball and ran to midfield I walked to the goal He ran up and kicked the ball. The ball just barley missed my head we kept playing for like 20 minuets. Then he had to go “Hey what is your name” I smiled and said “Brynn” “That’s a very pretty name” he smiled “Thanks” He handed me a slip of paper and left. I played for like 15 more minuets. Then looked at the note, There was a phone number. I grab my soccer ball and went back to my apartment. I was hungry so I looked in the fridge there was nothing so I walked down to the restaurant next to my apartment. The man at the counter asked if I was gonna eat here or take my food with me I was about to respond but a man came up behind me and said “well eat here“  I looked behind me and it was…………………..Niall Horan. We sat down at the table there was an awkward  silence . “Um………You Look really pretty” I blushed “Thank you” I blushed so much that Niall started laughing I hid my face from him and then he stopped laughing. “So I’m guessing your not from here” he asked “Is it that obvious” “Well you don’t have an accent” “Ohhhhh…………..I’m from America” I grabbed my food and left I know I got up and left from Niall freaking Horan but I had to go I went home.  there were a set of doors on my floor then my apartment and I herd some very loud music so I couldn’t sleep I ened up falling asleep. in the morning I called the guys phone number he answered “Hello is this Brynn” “Yes , who is this” “Niall Horan……………. will you go out to eat  to with me and the boys tonight” “Sure What time and where “My place I I’m staying at Grand Apartment Complex on 6th street  7th floor it’s the top floor” “Cool I will see you there”

Omg I’m staying in the same apartment building and floor as Niall Horan I played soccer with him and he bought me dinner now he’s inviting me over to eat. What am I going to wear I picked out a strapless sky blue dress with sparkles I brushed my hair in a braid and I walked over to there apartment , I knocked on there door harry answered with a really big smile “Niall your  friend is here” “Coming”

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