Loved by who? (One Direction fanfic)

Brynn just moved to Ireland after a hard time with family and friends in America. Now she finds out that a certain boy band lives across the hall. What happens when memories with one of the boys from years ago hunts her or parties to hard well you'll just have to find out


4. I Beat The Tomo's butt

“While you finish getting ready I’ll grab u some food” “Are you sure” “Yeah will just wake up the boys and you can hang with them” “Ok”. We walked over to the boys place they were asleep all over the living room. “Niall are you sure we should do this it’s pretty mean” “Yes”. Niall grabbed a bunch of pans and started banging them together and I walked up to harry “Harry I’m gonna straiten your hair ready 1, 2…..” He sat up in a flash grabbed my arm and he’s hair “You wouldn’t dare” “Try me boy” “What is your name again” “Brynn”. Niall asked the boys if I could stay here while he got groceries. He left, Louis and Zayn went to go grab some food Liam was asleep harry just sat there I was very uncomfortable I broke the silence “So how….um…” “Do you want to play some football” I looked at him “Football”  “Sorry to you its soccer to me its football” “Ohhh…Hmm…. Sure …But…”  Louis and Zayn  just walked in harry went by them and then they came by me “Alright so do you want to play or not” “Sure I’ll go get my ball be right back” “Wait what do you mean” “I live across the hall I didn’t Niall tell you” “No” “I’ll go get it” I walked over to my place and grabbed my ball, hoddie and my shoes then put my hair in a braid. I opened my door and Niall was standing outside with a lot of food and when I say a lot I mean a lot. “Holy fudge cakes that a lot of food” “Fudge cakes were” I laughed “The boys asked if I wanted to play some socc…football with them and wanted to know if you wanted to” “Sure lets go” we walked down to the park the other boys were already there we picked teams it was me, Harry and Liam against Niall, Zayn and Louis. Louis and Liam were the goalies. Me and harry started with the ball. “Harry over here” I yelled he passed me the ball I kicked it GOAL Louis looked at me and said “I’m just warming up don’t worry u won’t get any more Niall got a goal harry got 1 and I scored 6 more goals “Ha in your face Tomlinson you don’t stand a chance” “We’ll see about that whatever your last name is” We played for like 30 to 40 more minuets before the boys had to go Niall didn’t want to leave me by my self but I insisted. A girl with black came over  10 minuets after the boys left “Can I play with you” “sure why not” this girl was pretty good at soccer/football u could tell she was Irish from her accent I asked her if she would like to eat with me because I had like 10 extra sand witches cause I thought the boys were staying . She had black hair and green eyes she was very nice she asked about America “So do you have any brothers or sisters in America” “Yeah 2 year old brother Max 4 year old sister Isabella  6 year old sister Chloe 8 year old Jasmine sister  10 year old brother Jaxson  12 year old sister Lexi and a 17 year old brother Marcus

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