Alexis just found out that she's adopted and now her mum and dad want her to spend the year with them in Ireland . Then finding out her brother is famous and that she has to go to boarding school. She meets some new friends there and something amazing happens when they get "Wet"


2. The Pick Up

Alex’s P.O.V

I can’t believe my parents 1. They never told ME I was adopted 2. Then there sending me out to for the school year to meet them!!!! Sorry I had to vent let’s start over. Hi my name is Alex and I’m 14 years old. I just found out today that I’m adopted. My real family is from Ireland and that I’m going out for the school year to see them. I’m flying out tomorrow. And I have to go to Boarding School

Katie’s P.O.V

Yes! Finally I’m leaving public school time for Boarding School! Alright hi my name is Katie I’m 14 years old. I have twin brothers Marcus and Luke and unlike other kids my parents are still together. And the Boarding School has one of the best art programs I’m going in 2 days!!!!!!

Ashley’s P.O.V

WHAT!!!!! Me dad just signed me up for Boarding School. What about all me friends I asked well you’ll make new friends yeah but not real friends. Friend who just want to be me friend because me dad is a famous movie star. Me dad is so mean how could he the famous Ryan Martens couldn’t even let he’s daughter go to a normal school!!!! Sorry lets redo this. Hi me name is Ashley I’m 15 years old well I just turned 15 2 weeks ago. Me mum died when I was 3 I live with me famous father

Lila’s P.O.V

Me parents the ones who split up 2 months before school then tell me I’m going to Boarding School. Wow me parents just want me gone. Why? You ask cause since the split I miss behave, never listen and why I did this cause I want them both back and happy Well Me name is Lila I’m 15 as of today. Me mum and dad want me gone I have 2 older brothers and 4 younger brothers. we live in Kilkenny Ireland and I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Niall’s P.O.V

Me mum just called me I guess I have a little sister. Me parents put her up for adoption cause they were going to split. Now she is spending the whole school year here in Ireland. I don’t know why but she is. Me mum wants me to come met her at the airport tomorrow

*Next Day*

Well me mums is not coming with me. time to have PAUL take me there and PAUL pick up me little sister who I’ve never met. Wait what? Well I guess I’m going by me self. Got in the car and was about to leave when, HARRY “Hey Mate Whats Up” I asked “Well Your Mum Told Me To Go With You K?” “Yeah Now I’ve never met her so don’t go all flirt on me k?” “I’ll Try” we both laughed and got in the car and we got to the airport then………………..

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