Alexis just found out that she's adopted and now her mum and dad want her to spend the year with them in Ireland . Then finding out her brother is famous and that she has to go to boarding school. She meets some new friends there and something amazing happens when they get "Wet"


3. Mustache's and Chasing

Harry’s P.O.V

We got to the airport and I was so big and there weren’t many people there “What Gate was she again” “7C or was it 2B no 3F” I guessed “Call me mum plz and ask her” I walked away from Niall and called Niall’s mum “Hello Harry?” she asked “yeah it’s me what is Her gate number again” I asked “Gate 2A number 29 last one on the right” “Thx Maura” “Goodbye Harry” and I hung up “NIALL” I ran to Niall 2A 29 we started running. We saw a girl standing alone looking like she was about to cry. She was so pretty wait this was Niall’s sister what was I thinking “Wait what is her name” “Alexis” Niall called out. She looked up and wiped away a tear “Hi I’m Harry and this is your brother Niall” I said before Niall “hh…hhi” She whispered “Don’t be scared I’m your brother little sis” “Hi..Big Bro and Harry” we all started laughing “well I think mum is gonna want to meet you we got a long ride home” we all got in the car and I fell asleep

Niall’s P.O.V

We have been in the car for like 25 min and harry was asleep “Ni?” Alex asked

“Yes” “Why did mum and dad put me up for adoption?” “Well how old are you” “14” “That makes sense, well when I was 5 mum and dad were splitting up and I’m 19 5 years older than you so they were probably not wanting to put you through it” I explained “Oh……. Well I’m gonna go on my phone ok” “Yea”. She put her headphones in, then I started to think why did they put her up for adoption. Was she a mistake, unexpected or an accident. I’ll ask mum later now I’m gonna take a nap

Alex’s P.O.V

Both boys were asleep and I was board so I well I drew a mustache on harry and then the car stop and a boy opened the door and looked at me “Hi I’m Louis and you must be Niall sister and the one who did that pointing at harry” “Yes Yes I am and its Alexis” “Hi why don’t you come inside” I got up and wake in the house there were two boys on a couch and a women cookin in the kitchen then I heard harry yell my name “ALEXIS I’LL GET YOU” I ran and hid behind the couch Harry came running in “WERE IS SHE ZAYN” “I Don’t know” Zayn said just barley holding in a laugh “LIAM” “Don’t ask me” “Harry stop yelling and calm down go sit down” Maura Said in a not very scary voice. Harry sat down and gave me the evil eye “Niall go get here room ready, Zayn grab this bag Louis that Liam that one Harry stay here” Maura I mean mum said they went and put my stuff in my room. The boys went out and I spent girl time with mum and then ate and went to bed I was so tired

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