Alexis just found out that she's adopted and now her mum and dad want her to spend the year with them in Ireland . Then finding out her brother is famous and that she has to go to boarding school. She meets some new friends there and something amazing happens when they get "Wet"


4. Beach

Chapter 3 next day

My mum woke me up OMG I forgot I have school. My mum had my uniform sitting on my bed. I went and got changed and put my hair down and went to go eat breakfast. “Yum what is it” I asked mum “Pancakes and strawberries Niall came running down the stairs “FOOOOOD” he yelled. I finish eating and went on my way to the bus there were 5 of us total including the bus driver “Hi my name is Katie” a girl with brown hair said “Hi I’m Alexis nice too meet you” a girl with long orange curly hair came over and started talking. I saw a girl in the back by herself so I went by her “Hi I’m Alexis whats your name” “Lila” she said quietly. We have to drive to like I don’t know exactly but its pretty long

6 days later

Instead of having me stay on weekends either Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis, mum or Greg (my older brother) pick me up. I’m taking the girls to the beach with us today, but first we have to shop for suits. When we got back all of the boys were getting ready. We ONLY had 5 minuets. Katie was wearing http://www.polyvore.com/day_at_beach/set?id=67832483

Lila was wearing this http://www.polyvore.com/beach_girl/set?id=67834331

Ashley was wearing http://www.polyvore.com/beach/set?id=67833495

And I was wearing this http://www.polyvore.com/alex_beach/set?id=67836050

We went down stairs. “Ello girls your final done” I stuck my tongue out at Lou. “Well Alexis are you gonna swim” Niall asked “Yeah why wouldn’t I” I questioned “Well you’re no wearing a swim suit and..” “Of course I’m going it’s under my close smart one”. We all laughed and headed off. But we had to stop and pick up Eleanor and Perrie. Then we were truly off or at least I hope    

Harry’s P.O.V

When I saw Alexis and her friends I couldn’t keep my eyes off her wait what no shes my bests mates sister I cant fancy her no No NO!!!!!!!

Alexis P.O.V

We got to the beach but we park at a house “Alright we will be staying here tonight” Niall announced but to be cut off by “NIALL!! We didn’t bring pjs” I half yelled half screamed “Whose fault is that” “Ugh” Everyone laughed. We all got ready and went out. We found this perfect spot and we were putting are stuff down when Louis drop hes stuff on everyone else’s and ran strait for the water then running strait back “Holy shiet its cold” we all were laughing now I took off the t and shorts and ran in it wasn’t cold at-holy bananasbut I didn’t want Louis and everyone else to laugh so I stayed. Now all of us but Perrie were out there and it was so much fun.

Perrie P.O.V

I didn’t feel like swimming today. They were all having fun out there then Zayn’s phone got a text from Paul “boys were you at” I texted him back “We are all at the beach Its Perrie by the way” then like as if he knew what I said he texted back “Tell them I need to talk to them” I started yelling for the boys and they came “Vas Happenin” Zayn asked me I showed the phone they all had a chat circle huddle thing “Alright will u four be fine by your selves” Yeah the girls said “Perrie El show them around then you can go will be back later” Niall gave Alexis a hug and they were off we showed the girls around gave them are phone numbers “Bye girls” and we were off


Hey its me i just wanted to state Hazza is not my fav. How are you guy liking it any sugjustions coment plz

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