Letting Go

A 17 year old Courtney is on summer break with her family. She has a pesty brother, Her mum's loser boyfriend and a nosy mother. She bumps into a certain member of the biggest boyband but it isnt what you expect. Favourite and Like to find out more. <3


6. Chapter 6: Not Again.

~Courtney's P.O.V~

I can't decide what to eat so I'm literally walking around in circles. I go back to the pastas and decide on the Carbonara. I turn around and smash into someone putting my Carbonara all over them.
"I am so sorry, I wasn-" I stop mid sentence to see Liam Payne's eyes on me.
Not this again.
"It's okay. I guess it's payback for me knocking your phone into the water!" He says grabbing a napkin to wipe off the Carbonara dripping off his shirt.
I freeze but then I bring up enough courage to speak.
"Yeah sorry for yelling at you!" I say standing there awkwardly.
"Oh, so you do speak!" He chuckles.
I giggle.
He goes back to wiping the sauce off his shirt.
"That won't come out like that! I think that shirt and the vest is ruined! Sorry" I say helping him wipe off some of the sauce.
Before he could say anything one of his band mates come over. I know this one.... Just wait... Harry! That's his name.
"Hey mate, we were just wondering where yo-" he pauses and looks at me.
"Wow." He says standing back abit.
"What? Do I have something on my face? I have something on my face don't I?" I say grabbing my little mirror from my bag and checking my face.
"No!" Harry says closing my little mirror I have in my hands.
"You are a very beautiful young lady!" He says taking my mirror from me.
I blush a little and smile
"And you are very charming!" I say smiling.
He smiles back.

~Liam's P.O.V~

Is Harry really flirting with her right now? I have to step in cause I saw her first.
"He's right! I never got your name down at the beach babe?" I hint, wanting to know her name.
"Courtney Martin!" She says smiling.
"Well Courtney, you look very beautiful tonight!" I smile.
"Thankyou!" She says blushing.
"By the look of your face down at the beach, you already know my name!" I laugh.
"Yeah, Liam right?" She asks making sure she's right.
"Yep!" I smile.
"Well nice to meet you Liam!" She puts her hand out for a handshake.
"Nice to meet you Courtney!" I smile and shake her hand.
She looks over to Harry.
"And you're Harry, yeah?" She asks.
"Correct!" He says smiling.
They shake each others hands.
"Well I'd better get a new shirt!" I laugh.
"I'm really sorry about that. I will get you a knew one!" She says looking at my shirt.
"Nah, it's fine babe. I have plenty." I say smiling.
"I don't care what you say, I'm buying you a new one!" She says a bit sassy.
Harry and I laugh.
"Well I'd better get back to my family!" She says looking over her shoulder.
"And get a new dinner" she giggles.
"Okay, it was nice meeting you Courtney!" Harry says smiling.
"You too Harry!" She grins.
Harry walks away.
"We should hang out sometime, here I will give you my number!" I say grabbing a piece of paper.
"Liam, I don't have a phone remember!" She laughs.
I'm such an idiot, I forgot.
"Oh yeah I forgot."
"It's fine! I will see you around yeah?" She says starting to walk away.
"Yeah" I say smiling.
"Bye!" She smiles, waving.
"Bye!" I say waving back.
I get back to the boys and shrug into the chair. I will probably never see her again.

We get home from dinner and all walk up to our rooms feeling full.
"Goodnight boys!" I yell from the top of the stairs.
I hear them all say goodnight as I walk into my room. I hop onto my bed and lay my body down. My eyes soon get heavy and I drift off.

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