Letting Go

A 17 year old Courtney is on summer break with her family. She has a pesty brother, Her mum's loser boyfriend and a nosy mother. She bumps into a certain member of the biggest boyband but it isnt what you expect. Favourite and Like to find out more. <3


5. Chapter 5: The Girl From The Beach

~Courtney's P.O.V~

We drive up to a nice All You Can Eat Italian restaurant about 20 minutes from the beach house. I step out of the car and onto the rocky parking lot. The cold wind hits my face as a gust of wind comes through, making the palm trees shake. We all walk into the restaurant together. The waiter asks for our surname. My mum answers for all of us.
The waiter takes a look at the list and then looks back up.
"Right this way!" He says ushering us the way to our table.
Our table is right across from the salad bar and drinks. As I look up there are little lights all over the roof, "Looks like stars" I think to myself.
It truly is a beautiful place.
We order our drinks and then all separate to choose what we want from the salad bar.

~Liam's P.O.V~

Niall and I arrive home. I walk in and see the other boys rushing to get dressed.
"Quick Liam you have to get ready. Paul's gonna be here any minute to pick us up!" Zayn says practically screaming in my ear.
I chuckle and then walk up to my room. I open the mahogany doors to my wardrobe and decide on something to wear. I decide on a white button up shirt with a navy vest, beige pants and navy dress shoes. I take a quick look in the mirror and move a piece of hair that was misplaced. I run down the stairs to check if everyone was ready. I reach the bottom of the stairs and soon is rushed out the door by the other boys. We all pile into the car and is on our way. We pull up to an All You Can Eat Italian restaurant. As I step out of the car, I feel the cold breeze against my cheeks.
We walk into the restaurant with Harry leading.
The waiter asks for our reservation name.
"Cowell" Paul answers for all of us.
"Oh yes, Mr Cowell arrived a few minutes ago. Right this way!" The waiter shows us to the table where Simon is sitting.
"Hi boys" Simon gets up to give us all a big hug each.
We all sit down.
"So how are you all tonight?" Simon asks sipping is champagne.
"Great!" Louis says.
I turn my head and to my surprise I see the girl I saw at the beach. She has her finger against her chin and was frowning. I believe she's trying to make a decision on what to eat. Wow, I didn't realise how really beautiful she was down at the beach. I smile to myself.
"Liam? Liam?" I hear what sounded like Zayn say but I wasn't paying any attention.
"Oh yes yes. I'm great. A little hungry!" I say snapping back into reality.
"Well go enjoy the amazing Italian salad bar boys!" Simon says smiling and gesturing us to the salad bar.
Everyone including myself gets up immediately. I look over to where the girl from the beach is but she's gone. I frown. Where did she go? I kind of shrug it off but I still think of her.

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