Letting Go

A 17 year old Courtney is on summer break with her family. She has a pesty brother, Her mum's loser boyfriend and a nosy mother. She bumps into a certain member of the biggest boyband but it isnt what you expect. Favourite and Like to find out more. <3


3. Chapter 3: Dinner Part One

~Courtney's P.O.V~

I look through my suitcase for my blue and black dress. It's my favourite dress, the top half is black and tight around my chest with cut outs at the back, the bottom half is flowy and a pale blue colour. I left my hair natural. I slide on my black ballet flats and grab my black purse. I run down stairs to see everyone gathered around the table.
"You look beautiful honey!" My mum says smiling, hand in hand with Mark.
"Lovely!" Mark smiles.
"Thankyou!" I say slightly ignoring what Mark said.
"Ready to go?" Mum says looking at Mark.
"Never been more ready!" He says smiling at my mum.
I could see my mum's eyes shine, maybe she really is happy. I snap out of my thinking when Benjamin pushes into me.
I walk out the door behind him and into the pathway that leads to the driveway. I look up to the sky and see the full moon lighting up the sky. It was beautiful. We all pile into the car and drive away to our destination.


hey guys sorry for the short chapter it was more of a filler. Thankyou all for reading my movella, it means alot

thanks again- Bree xx

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