Letting Go

A 17 year old Courtney is on summer break with her family. She has a pesty brother, Her mum's loser boyfriend and a nosy mother. She bumps into a certain member of the biggest boyband but it isnt what you expect. Favourite and Like to find out more. <3


2. Chapter 2: The Accident

We finally get there after 2 hours of sitting in that cluttered car. I jump out and breathe in all the smells of the beach. I watched for a bit as the waves crashed onto the beach.
"Honeeey! Time to come inside!" I hear my mum yell from behind me.
Ugh. I walk up the driveway and into the wide open space. It's a beautiful house, very..... homey!
I run up to my old room and look at all the ridiculous pictures I drew for my parents, it made me giggle. I took off my shirt, running downstairs with my bikini's on. I run past mum and Mark. Mum knows how much this beach means to me so she didn't stop me.

I got down to the beach. I was at the edge of the water, letting it go over my toes abit. I looked up to see the sun setting, my long brown hair waving in the salty air. I took my phone out and was about to take a picture. When someone flew into me. My phone fell into the water.
"Noooo! Fuck!" I say looking down to see my phone in the water.
"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry" A British accent came from behind me.
"My whole fucking life is on that phone!" I say picking it up.
"I will buy you a new one. My friend kicked the ball too far, I didn't see you there!' The stranger says apologising.
I was about to say something when I stopped in my tracks. It's Liam Payne from One Direction.
My eyes widened and I ran away as quickly as possible. I got back home and sat at the table.
I was sitting in peace thinking about what happened before mum came down the stairs. She looked at me strange.
"May I help you Miss?" She says coming over to me, pretending she didn't know me.
"Ha ha very funny" I say giving her a death stare.
She laughs.
"How was the beach?"
"It was fine." I say looking down at my hands.
"What happened to your phone?" She says taking it from me.
"Oh I dropped in the water" I say lying.
"How?" She says getting a bowl out.
"I was trying to take a picture of the sunset and then I dropped it" I say getting a bunch of peanuts in my hand.
Mum put some rice into the bowl and drops my phone into it.
"What are you doing?" I say confused.
"The rice will absorb any water and it should be working in a couple of days" She says smiling.
"We're going out for dinner, so get ready and put some nice clothes on!" She says while going up the stairs.

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