Letting Go

A 17 year old Courtney is on summer break with her family. She has a pesty brother, Her mum's loser boyfriend and a nosy mother. She bumps into a certain member of the biggest boyband but it isnt what you expect. Favourite and Like to find out more. <3


1. Chapter 1: Time To Go!

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" My little brother Benjamin says yelling at me.
"Get out you little shit!" I say rolling over.
"MUUUM! COURTNEY SAID A BAD WORD!" I heard him say as he ran out my door.
I roll my eyes and sit up in my bed.
Today was the day that we are going to the beach for the first time in 6 years. My mum bought a holiday house down there right next to the beach. I used to go when I was little but since my parents split up nothing's been the same. My mum's new boyfriend Mark is taking us. I hate him so much, he's such a loser.

I walk down the hall and down the staircase. I step onto the cold white tiles and then into the kitchen. I immediately regret taking that path when I see Mark and Mum making out.
"Get a room!" I say and grab some grapes that were on the table.
"Oh, good morning darling!" My mum says coming over to me, playing with my hair.
"Is it good mum!?" I say giving her a funny look.
She sits down infront of me.
"Darling, today I want you to be pleasant. To everyone!" She says looking over at Mark.
"I can't promise anything!" I say getting up from my seat.

I run upstairs and into my room. I take a look at my phone to find a message from my bestfriend Ellie. I don't have many friends because I'm homeschooled but Ellie was my neighbour for 4 years before mum moved me and my brother to our new house. I quickly replied to her and then jumped into a shower.
I feel the warm water drip over my skin. It feels so relaxing on my shoulders. I get out and get into my bikini's and some shorts. I pack some stuff into my Bob Marley bag including a towel and of course my phone.

I get down to the stairs and see a huge smile in Benjamin's face while he sings "WE'RE GOING TO THE BEAAACH!!" at the top of his lungs.
Mum's packing some lunch and Mark is helping.
I go out to the car leaving my side of the door open, waiting for them all to come out. After about 15 minutes they all come out and pile into the old silver four wheel drive.
"Let's go!" My mum says enthusiastically.
She turns around to me.
"You ready honey?"
"Whoo!" I say sarcastically, raising my fist.
I plug in my earphones into both ears and get ready for the exhausting journey.

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