Louis I Changed Get Over It!!

When Louis leaves his innocent little sister for 1 year to go on tour with his worldwide pop-band One Direction, he comes back to see she has changed.. and NOT for the better!! What has happend to his innocent little sister? And what happens when one of the other boys falls for her??


17. You Forgot The What?!

Lillie's P.O.V


I woke up to someone shaking me vigorously, 
"Are you ake yet?!" I heard someone say. 
"How about now?!" I heard them say in a hyped up voice. I lazily opened my eyes to see Harry with a giant grin on his face. 
"Yay your awake!" He said happily. I just covered my face with my pillow and moaned into it. 
"Harry go away... its 11 in the morning!" I said looking at the clock. I suddenly heard someone else come in. 
"11? Morning? Morning my ass get your lazy ass up! We have a plane to catch in 3 hours!" I heard Louis yell sassily. I laughed at his weird personality and got up. 
"IF YOU WANT MY ASS DRESSED YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS OUT!" I said sassily back, clicking my fingers in a 'Z' formation, when I was about to the close the door me and Louis exchanged smiles reassuring each other that we were both joking. Seeing as we were just going to the airport and were going to be in a plane for a couple of hours I decided to go casual. I put on some skinny blue jeans a grey singlet and threw a baggy blue sweater on top, I matched it up with some grey converse and rolled up my sleeves, I got my Ray-band sunglasses from my drawer and placed them on my head. 
"Ready!" I said to Harry, he was wearing his signature daytime look, a baggy white t-shirt and some black skinny jeans, with some white vans. He nodded and we left our room. Louis told us to give him all our passports because he was the eldest and he could take care of it, we gave them all to him and he placed them on the kitchen counter,
"BREAKFAST!!" Niall screeched. 
"I don't feel like cooking today and I don't think us girls Perrie, Lillie and Harry do either" Eleanor said. 
"Girls?! Hey.. RUDE!" Harry said angrily. We all laughed at his anger but Niall didn't seem amused. I looked over to him,
"Cereal should do fine"  I said smiling. We all finished up and were out the door. We had a rough two and a half hours till the plane left and the airport was an hour away, so we were on our way. We arrived in exactly one hour including all the afternoon traffic. We went inside and placed our bags on the weighing machine. 
"Passports please?" The lady said a bit too enthusiastically. Louis reached in his pockets then froze. 
"What up Lou' it looks like you just saw a ghost!" I said laughing. 
"I FORGOT THE PASSPORTS!" Louis shouted taking out his phone and calling Paul to come back, in a mere 2 minutes Paul was back at the front of the airport and he speeded Louis off. It was only an hour and a half until the plane left! If he could somehow avoid half an hours worth of driving it would be a miracle! We all disappointedly went to the cafe so Niall could quench his appetite. Us girls went to the shops and checked out the perfumes. the plane was leaving in only 10 minutes when we heard a loud screech we took a look outside and saw Louis running towards us with the passports. He gave them to the lady and we went through border security, we got on the plane with a mere 2 minutes to spare. I plopped down on my first class seat and let out a sigh. Me and Harry sat together, Louis and Eleanor sat together, Zayn and Perrie sat together, and Liam and Niall sat together. I lifted the arm rest that separated me and Harry and I laid my head down on his shoulder. We had been up in the sky for about 5 minutes and I was dozing off when I heard a loud squeal. 
"Can I have both your autographs??" she said jumping up and down. 
"O-M-G ARE YOU TWO DATING???" she asked. 
"Whats your favourite perfume fragrance Harry??" she babbled on, asking Harry all the questions. I just smiled but deep down it hurt. She finally left and me and Harry got some peace. We both fell asleep and when we woke up the plane ride was over. We got off the plane and took a taxi to one of the best hotels in all of NY. We checked into our rooms and all separated so we could get settled. I was smiling but suddenly I had this really bad feeling in my stomach.. I thought it was probably my time of the month seeing as I was kind of late but then I felt the pain rise up my neck as I ran to the bathroom, Harry followed and held up my hair as I spewed my guts out for what felt like years.


What's Happening?!?!






Ok there it is, I tried to make it long lol I hope I did! 


Anyways I am bored so I want you guys to ask me a question, any question, so my readers can know me better! :) 

Here are some basics:

Name: Maria

Born: Australia

Lives in: Greece ( I've been living here for like 2 years now but I'm going back to AUS soon )

Age: 18 

Personality: Bubbly, Funny, Spontaneous. 

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