Louis I Changed Get Over It!!

When Louis leaves his innocent little sister for 1 year to go on tour with his worldwide pop-band One Direction, he comes back to see she has changed.. and NOT for the better!! What has happend to his innocent little sister? And what happens when one of the other boys falls for her??


5. What have I come to?



Lillie's P.O.V 


I woke up and took a look in the mirror, the heavy makeup was covering majority of my eyes. I had to change this I had to change me.. the drugs and the sex, it wasn't me, it wasn't who I am. I guess when Louis left for tour I broke free, I was always the little sister that obeyed her big brother and I didn't want to be that... back then. I rummaged through my bag and found makeup remover, I slowly took away all the overpowering makeup and just added some foundation and natural makeup. What no one knew about my hair was that it was temporary dye so if I washed my hair it would come out, I stepped in the shower and started to wash it out, pools of back dye going down the drain. I took out the pink extensions and got out of the shower I wrapped my hair up in one towel and my body in the other I re-did my natural makeup and went outside, I looked around my room and there was no Harry in sight, he was on the bed sleeping a minute ago. I was walking to my wardrobe when Harry popped out of it, I jumped back from fright and my towel fell down. 
"HARRY!" I screamed. His eyes scanned up and down my body but I quickly covered myself. 
"Why the hell did you do that?!?!" I screamed. He just smiled cheekily, in a spilt second the rest of the boys where at the door, Louis quickly stepped in front of them and came to me. 
"Are you o-- Lilly, your you!!" Louis said in delight I smiled but the he frowned again.
"You'll never have your perfect blonde hair again" he sad sadly, I undid the towel and he was amazed. 
"Lilly!" he said and hugged me tightly. 
"Ok now out out I have to get changed!" All the boys left but Harry was just standing in the corner of my room looking at me.
"That means you too Styles!" I said. He pouted,
"Pleaseee I'll cover my eyes." he said with a wink. 
"Fine but if I find your peeking your dead!" I say and do a chopping head off action. I go my bra and panties and slid them on then I went around the room trying to find my clothes. 
"Looking for these?" Harry said holding up a pile of my clothes.
"Ah Harry I said no peeking!" I say trying to cover myself. 
"Lilly I've seen you naked please." he laughed.
"I'm just insecure about my body.." I said looking down. I feel Harry's body close to mine, he lifted my head up with his index finger,
"Lilly your perfect." 






Naww I did a sweet part! Haha 


I bet you all wanted them to kiss, nu uh ;] 


Anyways any suggestions? Do you guys think Lilly should later on turn bad again or should she stay good from now onwards? 




~Maria xx

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