Louis I Changed Get Over It!!

When Louis leaves his innocent little sister for 1 year to go on tour with his worldwide pop-band One Direction, he comes back to see she has changed.. and NOT for the better!! What has happend to his innocent little sister? And what happens when one of the other boys falls for her??


12. The Party

Lillie's P.O.V


I was almost ready for the party, when I heard my door knock, Harry was still half dressed so I told him to hide in the closet, 
"Come in!" I called out. Then in walked Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie. I was overjoyed! I went and hugged them all tightly. 
"Thank you for coming" I said happily. 
"Your welcome hun, we were just coming up to say a few people are starting to come downstairs so if you want to get speedy with the beauty work" Perrie said, making me laugh. 
"Ok sure! I'll be down there in a minute." I said as they all left. I went and opened the closet door and Harry fell out unexpectedly causing a loud thud. 
"Baby I'm so sorry are you ok?" I said sympathetically. 
"I'm fine but I heard your conversation go get ready I'll be down in a minute" Harry said smiling. I quickly pecked his cheek and ran to the bathroom, I quickly touched up my makeup and hopped down the stairs. 
"HOORAY!" Louis shouted and everyone clapped. I smiled and greeted everyone. 
"Pool time!" I shouted. Everyone ran to the pool and as described in the invitation had their swimmers underneath their clothes. Everyone jumped in but I was a bit insecure about my bikini body so I just sat in one of the chairs. I felt a body next to mine and I turned to see Harry, he was wearing some black skinny jeans and a red blouse with his sleeves rolled up. 
"Aren't you going in?" Harry asked. I shook my head and Harry started taking his shirt and pants off, 
"I guess I'm going to have to make you then." Harry winked, before I could reply he had lifted me up and thrown me in the pool, himself jumping in shortly later, everyone cheered. We just sat around and chatted for a while before Harry got out and went to the Dj stand, he put his lips to the microphone,
"Ok everyone we ready to hear some music?!" Harry shouted. Everyone cheered and whistled and Harry started the playlist. He then came back to the pool. 
"Enjoying your party so far?" Louis said with Eleanor by his side. 
"Sure am! Thanks bro" I smiled and kissed Louis' cheek. Harry went back to the mic and announced everyone could go grab some snacks now, most people left but a few stayed in the pool, soon later everyone was out and eating. 
"I WENT EVERYONE ON THE DANCE FLOOR LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" Harry shouted into the microphone and started playing "I'm Sexy And I Know It" I laughed at his choice of song and started dancing. Harry was dancing nearby with his sister Gemma. And I was dancing with a school friend of mine. I was looking at Harry the entire time but then noticed his gaze had left Gemma and he was staring at the front door, he excused himself and went up to a shadowy figure, I couldn't quite see who it was though. 


Harry's P.O.V


"Listen you better leave now before I make you.." I said, it was the boy I saw the other day that Lillie was grinding on that time at the club. 
"How the hell did you even know about this?!" I shouted. 
"A couple of friends told me to come to a party, I didn't know it was going to be your girlfriends boring one" he spat. He waved to his friends, I assume, and put on a smile pushing straight past me. I see him then catch sight of Lilly. 

Jake's P.O.V (The Boy)


Then I saw Lilly, I grinned and walked up to her, she saw me and immediately turned around, 
"Hey baby, nice party" I said grinning. 
"Get out of my house and leave me alone!" she said. She then whispered in some boys ear he had light blue eyes and messy gold-brown hair styled up in a quiff. 
"I think you best me leaving my friend" he said sternly. 
"And why should I follow orders from you!" I said. 
"I'm her brother.." he said once again. 
"So what does that mean I can't do this to her?" I said and slapped her a$$. He started fuming and the curly haired boy came behind me. The both looked at some buff guy and he came over. He lifted me up, and as much as I moved I couldn't get out of his grasp. 
"The names Paul and your name must be stay the hell out!" he shouted and threw me out the door locking it, great ... just great. I guess I better go buy some drugs and get stoned or something. 


Lillie's P.O.V


"It was him-- and -- my party-- no -- what --- comes -- back --" I said starting to hallucinate. 
"He's not coming back and if he does he'll leave that door dead." Louis said smiling, I turned to Harry and saw him smile as well, somehow I felt more safe. We all danced for a couple more hours then went to the living room for some reason. We all sat down and a big screen rolled down. I slow song started to play and a video turned on, it said 1 and there we're photos of me when I was one, then 2 and onwards until it reached 17, I was crying it was so sweet. At the end there was a message. 


"To my gorgeous little sister Lilly, I made this to show you and everyone here how much you've grown and become a beautiful young lady, I love you with all my heart, have a very Happy Birthday. 


I crawled over to where Lou' was sitting and I hugged him tightly. 
"Thanks Boo' I love you too" I smiled. 

"Present Time!" Harry shouted threw the microphone. 






That was really long haha, i just didn't want to miss any of my ideas out. :P






~Maria xx

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