Louis I Changed Get Over It!!

When Louis leaves his innocent little sister for 1 year to go on tour with his worldwide pop-band One Direction, he comes back to see she has changed.. and NOT for the better!! What has happend to his innocent little sister? And what happens when one of the other boys falls for her??


10. The Birthday Preperations

*Later on that week*


Lillie's P.O.V

So my birthday party was tomorrow and because our mum and dad where away for the week they let us throw it at the house. Everyone was busy helping out make everything perfect, as you would expect having your brother be a world-wide superstar made it very easy to have a giant house. So this is what everyone was in charge of:

Niall: Food (How Predictable)

Liam and Zayn: Decorations 

Harry: Music

Me and Lou' : Cleaning


Everything was going great, I had finished cleaning all the rooms which was my job and Lou' was doing everything else such as the living room, kitchen ect. I went to check on everyone, Niall was still at the supermarket getting the food, I predict he stopped at Nando's but anyways, Liam and Zayn where doing great with the decorations they had everything done and where just finishing up with the pool decorations now, Harry had just finished the playlist on his computer and he was going to the garage to pick up the Dj set and the speakers. 
"Need any help babe?" I whispered in his ear so no one could hear. 
"I'm alright" he smiled and quickly kissed my cheek. A few minutes past and Harry was on the last 2 speakers, he was sweating all over so he took his shirt off, I think I was going to melt he looked so irresistible. I quickly crept up behind him.
"Why are you teasing me like that? Put your shirt on!" I demanded. 
"Paybacks a b*tch" Harry said laughing, I laughed and playfully hit his arm. Zayn looked at me weirdly. 
"HARRY WHAT THE HELL GET TO WORK YOU LAZY A$$!" I shouted, trying to cover up. Harry winked at me making sure no one saw. 






Short I know sorry! But I'll post one more in a couple of hours






~Maria xx



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