Louis I Changed Get Over It!!

When Louis leaves his innocent little sister for 1 year to go on tour with his worldwide pop-band One Direction, he comes back to see she has changed.. and NOT for the better!! What has happend to his innocent little sister? And what happens when one of the other boys falls for her??


13. Presents!

Lillie's P.O.V


We all sat around in a very large circle with all the presents in the middle, I picked up the first present, it was wrapped in purple glittery paper and had a fussier pink bow on the top, 
"I know who this is from just by the wrapping..!" I said and took a glance at Lou'. I opened up the gift and inside was.. a necklace I was eyeing just a week before Lou' left on tour 11 months ago! 
"Oh my goodness Lou! You remembered!" I said and hugged him tightly. I then picked up another glittery gift, I took a look at the card and it was from Zayn, I opened the box and there was a note. 

~Go up to your room a surprise awaits!~ It read.


I ran up to my room and I saw my old dresser was replaced with a sparkly pink one it was so pretty and very big, I hugged Zayn tightly and thanked him. The next present was from Liam and it was a case for my iPhone a really expensive designer looking one actually.
"Its one of a kind, specially made for you!" Liam smiled as I hugged him tightly. Niall gave me a thick envelope, inside was a Happy Birthday card and a Nando's black card! 
"OH MY GOSH NIALL! THIS IS CARD GIVES YOU UNLIMITED FREE FOOD AT NANDOS!" I said smiling like an idiot. I hugged him tightly and thanked him. Then Harry handed me an envelope, inside was  card it said. 

~Dear Lilly,

Happy Birthday

From Harry~


I looked at him a bit hurt and cross. I was so embarrassed that I had just read that aloud to all my friends and the boys, 
"You weren't seriously expecting a present from me where you?" Harry said acting like I was pathetic. 
"No I wouldn't want your filthy present anyways!" I spat. I opened all the rest of the presents from friends and family, they where all wonderful and I was really happy. We decided to play one more party game before everyone headed home. Whats better than a little bit of spin the bottle? We spun it and it landed on Louis and Eleanor what a coincidence! Spin the bottle kisses are meant to be pecks but NOO they had to keep it going for like 1000 hours! 
"Get a room!" I shouted laughing, they both pulled away blushing. It then landed on Niall and one of my school friends. They kissed and Niall was blushing like mad. A few more landed on random people but none had landed on me yet. 
"Ok this next one whoever it lands on is for the birthday girl!" Zayn said and spun the bottle. It landed on Harry.. 
"Neither am I, but wait there are no lips to kiss!" Harry said. Suddenly I heard chanting "DO IT DO IT" everyone said in sync. Harry kissed my lisp quickly then we both pulled away wiping our lips quickly. 
"EWW!" I screeched. 
"Disgusting!" Harry shouted. Soon everyone had gone home and I was very tired, I went upstairs and lay down on my bed, I was close to falling asleep when I felt someone's presence next to me. 
"I still want my kiss from the game" Harry's deep voice growled. I smiled and passionately kissed Harry's lips it soon turned really hot and my hands where interlocked in his curls while he held onto my waist firmly, I had my legs wrapped around his waist. We both pulled back breathlessly smiling. He dug something from under the bed, it was a small silver box will a tiny pink bow on the top. 
"Whats this?" I said cheekily. 
"Oh come on Lilly! As if I wouldn't get my birthday princess a present!" he smiled. I slowly opened the box and inside was the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen! I started to tear up, 
"HARRY!" Was all I could say as I hugged him tightly. 
"I love you so much baby" he said smiling. 
"I love you too Harry!" I said placing the ring on my finger. 

(ATTENTION: The ring is NOT an engagement ring, it's just a birthday present!)





Ok it's up, that's all I'll do today I'm super tired! I haven't re-checked this so if there are any errors.. sorry! 






~Maria xx

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