Louis I Changed Get Over It!!

When Louis leaves his innocent little sister for 1 year to go on tour with his worldwide pop-band One Direction, he comes back to see she has changed.. and NOT for the better!! What has happend to his innocent little sister? And what happens when one of the other boys falls for her??


20. A Million Times Yes!

Lillie's P.O.V


I looked down from the helicopter and onto the beach. 


Before I could get any words out we had landed and Harry lead me out, getting on one knee. 

"Lilly I have known you for not very long but I feel our love is inseparable. And now that your the mother of my child it gives me more reasons to want you to be mine. 


Lilly Mary Tomlinson


Will you marry me?" 


I began to tear up, "YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!" I shouted and leapt into Harry's arms. Oh I forgot to say what I saw on the beach, well when I looked down "Will You Marry Me?" was written in rose petals on the sand. It was spectacular. 
"I love you Harry" I said happily. 
"I love you too Lilly" He said as we passionately kissed. We walked on the warm sand in the night as the salty water splashed against the rocks. Harry picked a few petals and sprinkled them over my head. I giggled and pecked him on the cheek. He smiled and kissed my stomach. 
"I love my two babies" he said showing a wide grin. We headed back home and met up with everyone. 
I sat down on the couch and put an apple on my hand with the ring. 
"I would like an apple would anyone else like an apple" I said popping the 'p' and twisting my hand around to show off the ring. ( Copyright to Bridesmaids I didn't know what else to write :P ) 
"OH MY GOD HARRY!" Eleanor said and ran to my side looking at the ring. 
"He proposed?!" Perrie said also inspecting it. I nodded smiling widely. All the boys congratulated me and Harry apart from Louis. 
"Listen Lou' your my big brother and although you may disapprove of this.. I'M GETTING MARRIED!" I said happily. 
"I don't disapprove Lillie, he should've gotten you a more expensive ring, I mean whats up with that little rock gurllll, look how big the one El gave to me is" Louis said with all his sass whilst pulling off a ring El had on and showing it to me, we laughed and I hugged him tightly as he congratulated us. 


Now all I have to do is wait 8 months for this baby!






I know its short and boring I just wanted to get the fact that THEIR ENGAGED!! Out there.. :P 


I am writing the sequel when I finish this story, 2 parts remaining!! 


And the name will me:


Our Daughter Darcy ( Spoiler Alert: It's a girl. )

I know its probably a very common title but thats all I could think of lol. The ideas within this book though are amazing! Its about the life of their daughter Darcy, but how is her life exactly?? xx 





~Maria xx

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