More Than This

After Emily's (ex) Boyfriend Jake (the star football player in Uni) cheated on her then raped her and left her for her (ex) Best friend in Uni she didnt now what to do with her life. Lets Just say her world gets turned upside down when she meets her best friend from high school and his dorky, childish friends.

(if i dont get every detail right , dont judge, ur reading MY story)


10. They What??

Harry's P.O.V.

"I'm so sorry Hary, I didn't mean to dump all of that on you, you must hate me now, I killed my sister."

"shhh, it's ok, it wasn't your fault, it was an accident. I actually like the fact that I know more about you. i feel like we can trust each other, and Emily, Im sorry for taking things too far. I was drunk and I didn'y know about what happened. I'm really truly sorry"

"it's fine harry, you didn't know. thank you for being htere for me."

"No problem Babe" I kissed her forehead and we driffeted off to sleep.


Louis's P.O.V.

I can't take this anymore, Harry hasn't come back since last night and I don't trust him with Emily. I'll just go check on them, she gave me her spare key so I'm sure it's ok if I go vist.

"Hey Lou, you seem tense, are you ok?" Niall asked.

"No, I'm not ok, Harry and Emily went ut last night after I asked him not to go. I mean what if he breaks her heart, then what, I could never forgive him"

"I'm sure it'll work out all right mate, now if your going out can you pick up some Nandos Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?"

"all right, see you later"

*at Emily's apartment*

I unlocked her door, and imediatly wish I hadn't.


I guess I don't really have controll over her life, do I. I wished that she was mine but sadly, she was taken.

I quickly closed the door and ran, I needed to be as far away from as I could get.



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