More Than This

After Emily's (ex) Boyfriend Jake (the star football player in Uni) cheated on her then raped her and left her for her (ex) Best friend in Uni she didnt now what to do with her life. Lets Just say her world gets turned upside down when she meets her best friend from high school and his dorky, childish friends.

(if i dont get every detail right , dont judge, ur reading MY story)


1. The Fight

Emily's P.O.V

"Jake-y I'm home and I have supper for you! How was practi-?" I couldn't believe my eyes, before me was my boyfriend Jake, and my BEST FRIEND Isabella Making out on my couch. "Jake, I-I-I'm leaving, don't expect me to come back!" I yelled to him with tears running down my cheeks. I can't believe this, I'm never talking to them again, I thought she was my best friend. I felt empty inside. I didn't know of anywhere else to go but the park my mom used to take me to when I, or sometimes she, was upset. I grabbed my clothes and stuffed them into a suit case. As I was looking for my phone I heard Jake call out to me, " Babe, we can work through this right?" his voice was slurred, he was obviously drunk AGAIN! "Not this time Jake!" "awe come on baby, me and Izzy were just having fun, come here, your just jealous." he said , more angry this time. He grabbed my arms and pinned me to the bed and, and he RAPED ME, I can't believe he did that, I was still a virgin and he made a mess upon my innocence."Now will you take me back? Don't tell me you didn't enjoy that." he said with a smirk. I managed to scream "LEAVE ME ALONE" to him through my tears. I grabbed my suit case and ran out the door as he screamed," IF YOU DON'T COME BAK HERE RIGHT NOW YOU WILL REGRET MY EMILY!" After 10 minutes of running/jogging I sat down on the bench at the park. There I was, Pathetic, letting my boyfriend take control like that then break my heart, then crying in the rain all alone, it must be at least 5 O' clock by now I couldn't stand to look at myself.

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