More Than This

After Emily's (ex) Boyfriend Jake (the star football player in Uni) cheated on her then raped her and left her for her (ex) Best friend in Uni she didnt now what to do with her life. Lets Just say her world gets turned upside down when she meets her best friend from high school and his dorky, childish friends.

(if i dont get every detail right , dont judge, ur reading MY story)


4. Meeting The Boys

Emily's P.O.V

I couldn't wait to meet them, but something told me this wasn't going very well when a cute blond hair boy came over to greet Louis, looked at me and looked dissapionted , as if he were to say " really Louis, really?" "Niall, this is Emily, a friend of mine, Emily, this is my mate, Niall." "You brought here home instead of Nandos?!?!?!" "nice to meet you too." I said, probably with a glare in my eye because he immediately apologized(maybe a glare, or the fact that Louis Gave him his Nandos) Next to greet us was an adorable brown hair boy who introduced himself, he had the cutest curls" Why Hello love, I'm Harry" he said in a husky voice. "Harry don't flit with my friend!" I heard Louis say, I had to giggle, I always remembered him as protective of me, like I was his sister "It's fine Louis, I'm Emily. Nice to meet you Harry" The next boy i was about to meet had jet black hair, in a quiff. He looked mysterious but charming. " Pleasure to meet you Emily, I'm Zayn"  he said while lightly kissing my hand. Oh My God, his voice made me melt in side. WOW I haven't even walked in the door and I'm already Blushing "Pleasure is all mine Zayn." The Last one I met for the day was a caring lad, I could tell by the look in his eye. "Nice to meet you Love, I'm Liam" " nice to meet you too Liam, I'm Emily, Louis is there any one else you'd like me to meet?" " Don't think so Em, guys, this is my friend, my best friend since elementary school." 


Harry's P.O.V.

I had just met Emily but I already felt like I've Know her all my life, she was beautiful in every way, flawless. I wanted her to be mine but I wasn't sure if Louis was going to le that happen so I'd have to work on it when I'm alone with her. Yes, I would Make her mine.


Niall's P.O.V.

Emily was stunning when she walked into the room, I even took a break from eating to stare at her beauty. What was I saying, I couldn't fall for Emily, Louis was too protective but it was too late, I already Have.


Zayn's P.O.V.

Emily was the most beautiful girl I've seen, EVER. I know Louis wouldn't allow it but I needed her to be mine, no what was I saying, I want her to be happy, hope fully with me.


Liam's P.O.V.

I could tell how this was going to work out, every one would want her so I had t try hard to resist. God damn it I HAVE A GIRL FRIEND WHO I LOVE why can't I understand that I can't let myself fall for Emily, No matter how hard I try I will not fall for her.


Louis's P.O.V.

I Love Emily, I really do, I love her not in a brother sister way but in a Falling hard for you way. I can't stand to see her with one of my best mates. "Emily will you excuse us for a moment? I'm really sorry" "Of course Lou Lou any thing for you, where is your bathroom?" "right down the hall and the second door to the right." "Thank you love" "No problem Em"  "Okay guys I want you all to know what Emily is OFF LIMITS for dating, no one can date her okay, she has been through so tough times and she'll want a shoulder to cry on, but that's all you can be Okay?" I made sure every one understood before she came back "what did  I miss?" she asked in her cute little Doncaster Accent. "No much, just that we are bored so we wanted to play truth or dare, right boys" I said with a hint to the boys who all nodded quickly and rushed to the rug n the floor so we could play.

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