More Than This

After Emily's (ex) Boyfriend Jake (the star football player in Uni) cheated on her then raped her and left her for her (ex) Best friend in Uni she didnt now what to do with her life. Lets Just say her world gets turned upside down when she meets her best friend from high school and his dorky, childish friends.

(if i dont get every detail right , dont judge, ur reading MY story)


8. Explaining

Emily's P.O.V.

I was all ready for Harry to pick me up at 6, and it was only 5 so i decided to practice my singing.If I am going to be dating a One Direction Member I have to have at least one talent, right? I was watching my self in the mirror, I was wearing a white poofy dress, with a royal blue scarf, minimal make up- mascara eye shadow eye liner and ome lip gloss, black stilettos. I was singing "A Team" by Ed Sheeran when I heard a knock at my apartment door. "Coming!" I yelled across the room. I answered the door and to my surprise it was Louis. "hello Louis, what do you need?" "Im sorry loveI jst heard some beautiful singing and had to come check it out" He stopped after that, starring at me, it was making me uncomfortable"Louis, is there something wrong?" "No, of course ot Em, I was just admiring how stunning you look. Why are yo all dressed up?"

I had to tell him. " umm, I have a date."

"with who?" he quickly asked

"With the most happiest man in the planet." harry exclaimed from behind Louis. SHIT was it already 6.

"Louis?" what was going on with him lately, he has been very protective( I heard his conversation with the boys) and now he was walking away with out saying good bye, again.

"Louis Whats wrong?"

"nothing love, just have a good time." he sounded irritated. What did I do wrong, its my life, no his?

"you look absolutly AMAZING Emily!" he complimented and grabbed my hand. "where are we going?"

" That, I'm afriad is a surprise." he said with a wink.

*5 minutes later*

 We arrived at our stop but her blind folded me so I couldn't see where we were. "reservations for Styles" he calmly said to, who im guess ing was a waiter/waitress.

He sat me down and took off my blind folds. It was BEAUTIFUL, he had reserved the whole resturaunt for US, and only US. There was a violin player beside our table and a big chandilier above our table.

There started to be harmony playing throughout the date and we just small talked to get to know each other, and drank lots of wine. Turns out, Harry isn't just a flirt, he is very careing and sweet, and funny once you get to know him.

He payed for the dinner and took me home. That was definatly a night to remember.


Harry's P.O.V.

I had an amazing night with Emily, she was so cute in her dress. I was really drunk so that would explain what happened next. She strolled up to me and stood on her tippy toes so she could reach my lips for a long passionate kiss. We were still kissing when I found myself slipping off her dress and leaving her in her bra and panties. I wanted her, and I wanted her now was all I could think of. I dropped her on the bed and started un-buttoning my tux and eventuall I as left with my boxers on, only my boxers. I went to Unclip her bra when she started crying. I imedialty stopped, some thing was up. " Emily, are you ok?" "Please don't rape me" was all she could get out through her tears, it was a whisper and at that point I knew she was hiding something. "Emily why on earth would I rape you?"

"I..I.. don't know"

"Love I would never do anything to hurt you, now tell me why you thought I was goning to rape you.

She told me everything at that moment. Every thing about Jake and how she was treated, how she desperatly tried to please him, even starving herself so she would be skinny, waking up early so she would look her best and he would be proud to call her his. she even had the courage to tell be that when she was little, her father abused her and raped her until she ran away. She ended up with Jake becuase she thought he loved her but she as wrong.

I was speechless. "Emily, I can't understand why those men would want to hurt a precious innocent girl like you."

"I..I..I'm not innocent, I deserved to get beaten by my father." she whispered, starting to calm down.

"What could you possibly do to deserve it Emily, No one deserves it other than them!" I was almost mad at her for what she said, how could she hold her self to blame for all this?

" When I was Younger, about 6, I had an older sister, she was 13.She was Perfect.She got good grades, she was popular in school, she was always little miss goody two shoes and got all the attention. Sophie was everything to my parents, she was my best friend, my role model until..."


*****CLIFF HANGER*****

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