More Than This

After Emily's (ex) Boyfriend Jake (the star football player in Uni) cheated on her then raped her and left her for her (ex) Best friend in Uni she didnt now what to do with her life. Lets Just say her world gets turned upside down when she meets her best friend from high school and his dorky, childish friends.

(if i dont get every detail right , dont judge, ur reading MY story)


14. A/N sorry, continue reading

**Vas Happenin' lil carrots?

 well, no one wanted to be zayns gf to make em jealous so I will use my friend as hr, because she loves Zayn, he is her favourite. Even though there are no favouites. I have other books you should check out: Kidnapped, It Started With my Past, True Lies. Any others, idk but CONTINUE READING IM SORRY TO INTERUPT YOU FUN!


Love, SassMaster

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