I know you love me

No smut

Teenage Sherlock and John and stuff blah blah blah


1. I think... I love you...

Teenlock as requested by http://deerstalkingjawn.tumblr.com/

I shut my locker and sighed. Another day of hoping that boy would look at me. Another day of watching people being tormented by the 'cool kids'. Who defined cool anyway? At least it wasn't me. I hadn't even come out yet. Not even my parents knew. Maybe nobody would ever know. I turned around, zipping up my school bag. That's when I saw him standing near what I presumed was his locker. As usual, my heart fluttered a little. Tall, skinny, dark curly hair. He was never without a scarf. He was the smartest in his class, the school, possibly the smartest fifteen year old in England. And my word was he good looking. He was hunched over, his hands in his pockets. Upset about something, I guessed. I was never really all that observant.

"Fag!" Somebody shouted from down the hall. It was one of the aforementioned 'cool kids'. He high-fived his friends and they all laughed. The tall boy didn't didn't turn around, but he flinched and I knew that it was directed at him. His tormentors strode up the corridor cockily. I hated them. "Oi Shercock Homo!". I wondered how long it took them to come up with that. This time he did look up. I saw him glance around nervously, as if he was checking for a quick exit. There was none. The hall was packed with busy students who didn't really care if a kid took a beating for being gay. Fucking animals. The crowd of buffoons finally reached him.

"Oi homo, how dare you show your gay ass here?"
"I dare because it is law. And even though you may think it, your petty comments aren't all that insulting. Simply stating that I am gay is like me calling you a moron, which is what you are."

One of them shoved him against a locker.

"Do you really think that violence will chance my sexuality?"
"Shut up, gayboy"
"How clever, you made up a word"

I thought I should do something. I looked away, hoping they wouldn't notice me at my locker. What if they picked on me? I'd never said I was gay, but these guys seemed to have a knack for finding out your sexual orientation and making fun of it. It continued for a while like this.

"Why don't you do that thing you do, smart guy?"

What thing? I thought.

"What? Where I come to conclusions about various aspects if your life because of minute details about your person?"

The bullies looked confused. Well, they all had D+ averages.

"For instance, I can tell that you stayed at your girlfriend's house last night but didn't engage in intercourse with her because a) you're scared you'll get her pregnant, much in the same way your dad knocked your mum up at a young age and b) you were nervous you wouldn't preform. Is that what you wanted?".

I was awestruck. There was no doubt in my mind, he was the smartest in the whole school/England/world. In my eyes at least. The group of idiots stared to push him around again.

"How'd you do that, freak?"

Before he could tell them, or not, the bell rang and everyone in the hall rushed to class. The idiots left, and suddenly only me and the incredibly cute genius and I were left in the hall. I shuffled over to him slowly. He was fiddling around in his shoulder bag for his locker key.

"Um hi I was, ah wondering if, uh,well I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with-"
"-That was not a conversation", he interrupted, "that was an incredible display of the benefits of going to a public school in a lower-class area. No, I'm not telling you how I deduced where the idiot was last night, yes you can eat lunch with me, and there's no point pretending you're not gay around me, so I'm just going to tell you I like you and I know for a fact you like me. I'm Sherlock Holmes, lets continue this later in the old basketball courts".

And then, just like that, he left. I stood there open-mouthed as he walked away confidently. He didn't look back.

I spent the next two classes wondering. I wondered how he knew all that stuff, and if he really liked me and of course he liked me because he said so. So amazing, in fact, that I forgot to write down homework for Biology and didn't hear the teacher calling my name in English class. I need to snap out of this, I thought. No point dwelling on it when there's Homeostasis to learn about...

Lunchtime came way too slow and way too fast. I wanted to see Sherlock, but I didn't. I felt awkward and shy and flustered. What if I said the wrong thing? I could tell by now that he could probably see what sort of dog I had from the type of shoes I wear. No point lying about anything. No point in not screaming "I LOVE YOU" In his face over and over again until he left me or we got married. I'm being stupid, I shouldn't think about marriage. I just learned his name for Christ's sake! The bell rang. My heart raced and I replayed what I was going to say over in my head for the umpteenth time. Why am I so awkward?

We were the only ones up at the old courts. It's cold and there's moss on the benches and it takes a quarter of Lunchtime to get up there so most people stay away. The harsh wind blew through my body. Sherlock had his collar up and was breathing into his scarf. He looked good. He always looked so good. I took a seat on the damp bleacher.

"Hey. I'm John."
"I know you're John. John Watson, you have a B+ average but that's because you took geography and you hate it and so you get lower grades no matter how hard you study. You want to be a doctor, you have a sister and you want to tell me you love me. I'm not going to say my name because you know my name and you've probably been obsessing over it for the last two classes. I haven't been obsessing over yours. It doesn't do well to dwell on things like that."
"Your bag says your name. I hacked into the school records. You take biology and health studies, therefore you must want to go into some sort of medical profession. You have a pink keyring on your bag and since you're not openly gay I'm guessing you have some sort of feminine influence. And I know you love me because I love you too. Maybe I was lying about obsessing over your name."

I was stunned.


I put my hand out on the bench facing up towards the grey sky and Sherlock took it. We didn't eat or talk, we just let our hands comfort each other. And it was perfect.

"We should get going, Sherlock"
"We should"
"Do you want to walk down together or-"
"Just shut up and kiss me already"


I hope you liked it and stuff :3
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