Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


13. Wait what!?


 It said negative. I wasn't so relieved because I have 11 more to read.



 That's kinda weird. I looked at Nicole and she just shrugged. Another minute passed and I had a weird feeling. I looked up at Nicole and gave her hand a squeeze. We looked at the ten tests in the sink.

 5 said positive and 5 said negative. "Um this is kinda weird!" I said, she nodded. "So how will we know?" I asked.

 "Uh we probably will have to go to a doctor to find out..." She said, "ugh! I'm so stupid!" I shouted, I put my face into one of her pillows and screamed.

"Hey it's alright babes," she rubbed my back. "Ok if you are pregnant can I ask you some questions?" She asked me. I lifted my head from the pillow, "sure." She sat down next to me.

"Alright, if you are pregnant...then who's the father?" She asked whispering the last part.

 "I uh I don't know..." I said.

 "Wait! What do you mean you don't know?" I looked at her and she was staring at me.

 "I mean I don't know!" I yelled. "Well who have you slept with recently?" She asked.

 I looked down at my hands. "Alec and Harry." I mumbled. "What did you say?" She asked.

 "Alec and Harry." I said louder. Her eyes got wider.

 "Wait! What if Alec's the father?" She asked. My head snapped up.

 "I don't know I never thought of that! But what bothers me most is what if Harry's the father!?" I practically screamed.

 "It will ruin his life! He is in a band and he'll get a lot of hate from fans if they find out and he has a girlfriend!" I was pacing back in forth at this point and my hands were in my hair.

 "Dylan just calm down ok? How about we go and check if you are pregnant for sure?" She asked. I felt tears roll down my cheeks.

 "Nicole." I whispered, she kneeled down. "Yeah babes?"

 I let another tear roll down my cheek. "I'm scared." I whispered. She wipes away a tear.

 "Don't be." She got up took my hand and lead me to her car.

 Harry's P.O.V

 Ever since the day me and Dylan had you know what. We haven't talked at all. I really like her but I know that she doesn't feel the same. I mean the way she walked out of here a couple weeks ago. I miss her so much. I found someone to take place of Dylan. She's really nice and is really cool but isn't the same as Dylan...but I surprised my self and asked her to be my girlfriend. I'm absolutely miserable with her but she takes my mind off of Dylan.

 But what surprised me was that Louis is on his way over right now...because he saw Dylan. I was anxious for him to get there. I was sitting on my couch watching of Dylan's favorite shows, and I heard a knock on the door.

 I literally ran to the door. I opened the door.

 Louis was standing in the doorway. I pulled him in quickly. "So what's up?" I asked.

 "Whoa someone's jumpy!" He yelled.

 "Well you said you saw Dylan today?" I asked, he nodded. "Well?" I asked.

 "Mate you might want to sit down." He led me to the couch.

 "Alright well I saw Dylan today at the store with her friend Nicole." I nodded, "uh-huh go on." I told him.

"Well she had a basket full of..." He stopped talking and stared at me. "Full of what Lou!?" I yelled frustrated that he keeps freezing. He looked down, "full of pregnancy tests..."

 I froze. He looked at me. "Harry mate you all right?" He asked, I slowly looked up and the color drained from my face.

 "Yeah I'm fine." I gave him a fake smile.

 "Well it might be negative...and she's suppose to text me the results."

 Well that made me feel a little better.

 "Wait! It might not be mine! It might be Alec's for all I know!" I yelled pulling my hair.

 "Who's Alec?" He asked.

 "Her ex-boyfriend, her terrible ex-boyfriend that use to abuse her..." I said looking at my large hands.

 "So your telling me a girl that you miss and love might be carrying a child and that child might have a total dick as a dad?" He asked.

 I let that run through my head.

"No I don't! If that's not my child I don't care! I'm going to take care of it! I'll be it's father instead of that no good Alec guy." I yelled.

 "That's the Harry I know!" He yelled, I stood up.

 "But what if she doesn't want me anywhere near that baby?" I asked.

 "Trust me she will!" He told me. "How do you know?" I asked.

"Because, she told me to tell you that she misses you a lot!" I smiled at that, and got my phone out of my pocket. I texted Dylan.

Me: I miss you too...

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