Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


17. Sisterly love <3

Dylan's P.O.V

 It's Sunday night and winter break is almost over. Tomorrow I'll have to go back to school, and I'm so nervous! When people find out that I'm pregnant my life will be ruined.

 I am not prepared at all and tomorrow I'll have to face my worst nightmare.

Eliana Reidles.

 Louis texted me last night saying that he met one of the biggest bitches ever. I giggled he hasn't met Ana obviously.

 Louis: hey are you doing anything tomorrow?

 Me: yeah school :/

Louis: after school?

 Me: nothing...

Louis: well El wanted to know if you wanted to go shopping with her Perrie and Dani?

 Me: I don't know...what if I run into Harry...or even worse his girlfriend!

Louis: no you'll be and the boys will keep him busy and I don't think his gf ever leaves her house without him...

 I laughed at that last one.

 Me: alright tell her yes then :)

Louis: ok! She'll be so excited!

 I locked my phone and threw it on my bed. I groaned, "what am I going to wear tomorrow!?" I yelled at no one in particular looking through my closet.

 I found my favorite Beatles shirt, some light colored jeans, my black vans, and my gold triangle earrings.

"Savannah! Alexis!" I yelled from my room to there room. They walked in, "what do you want Dylan?" Alexis asked giving me a tone.

 "What do you think about this outfit for tomorrow?" I asked them, Savannah nodded so did Lexi. "I like it!" Savannah cheered, "so do I." Alexis mumbled.

 "Lex, is there something wrong?" I asked her, she nodded. "Want to talk about it?" I asked, she nodded and I patted a space on my bed. "What's up kiddo?" I asked her. She hesitated, "well I uh I'm kinda scared to go back to school."

 "Why's that?" I asked, "well I think that everyone will make fun of me..." She whispered. "Why would you think that?" I asked confused.

 "Because its her time of the month!" Savannah said and giggled. "Hey! Don't make fun of that! When you start your period then you'll understand what we all are going through!" I laughed at the end.

 "But what's really bothering you Lex?" I asked, "well people make fun of what I look like and how I dress and that I like one direction..." She trailed off.

 "I know exactly how you feel!" I explained. "When I was your age people made fun of how I dressed like in all black and stuff...and with all these bands." I pointed at my shirts and clothes in my closet.

"See what I mean?" I asked, she nodded. "Well they also made fun of me for this.." I rolled up my left arm sleeve. "Come here and look." They both crowded around my arm.

 They both kissed one scar. "Girls promise me in life that you'll never, ever, I mean never! Do this to yourself alright? No matter how much stress and pain you feel in life never cut yourself and think it's an easy way to deal with stress, bullies, or anything! If you need help just come talk to me, alright?" They nodded.

 "Dylan why did you do this?" Savannah asked, "well because kids at school would bully me not just call me names but they would physically abuse me too." I looked down at my hands.

 "Remember when I was really fat in grade school?" I asked, they nodded. "And remember how I got super skinny after grade 6?" They nodded, "well people called me anorexic and made fun of me for that...but I really wasn't anorexic...but I met Nicole and nothing else matters because I'm here with the people I love." I gave my best smile.

"Like Harry?" Savannah whispered. I hesitated but then nodded my head. "Yes, just like Harry..."

"Thank you Dylan that made me feel a lot better in a way but I don't really know how..." Alexis shrugged and gave me a hug.

 "No problem kid...I'm just glad we could talk." I smiled and hugged her back.

 "Alright you two, you should be getting to bed!" I said getting up, I grabbed there hands and walked them to their room. "Goodnight girls!" I yelled.

 "Dylan wait!" Savannah yelled, "yeah?"

 "Why are you being so nice to us all of a sudden?" She asked.

 "You guys are my sisters my two and only sisters that I'll ever have, and I'm sorry about the way I treated you in the past."

 "Eh, it's ok." They said in unison, I smiled at them.

 "Hey girls you want to know something?" I said excitedly, "yes! What is it!?" They both asked.

 "Well what if I told you two that you will be aunties?" I smiled, they both gasped. "Like are you serious!?" Alexis asked, with a giant smile on her face. "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" Savannah was jumping up and down.

 "Yes I'm absolutely serious." I smiled, "Oh my gosh I can't wait to be an auntie now!" They both cheered. "Yeah but you'll have to wait 8 months though."

 "Aww! But we can wait!"

 "But you two should get some sleep alright? G'night girls!" I shut off their lights and shut the door. I walk into my room and get ready for bed. Tomorrow will be full of surprises...

 A/N: comment what you think! Did u like how I put a sisters moment in there?? :)

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