Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


47. Shock.

Dylan's P.O.V


"Dylan where's Niall and Harry?" Nicole asked while she was driving us there.


"They said they would be a little late..." I said looking out the window.


"Late from what?" She asked.


"I have no idea..." I wondered to myself.


"Ok then...." She continued to drive. I turned up the radio.


'Can't hold Us' by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came on.


"Oh my gosh, I love this song!" Nicole yelled, I smiled and turned it up louder.


We danced oddly and weirdly on our way to the school. I laughed at us dancing...we are such losers! I was in fits of giggles and had to pee like really bad and I couldn't hold it any longer.


"Nicole pull over at this gas station right here!" I whined.


"The school is like five minutes away! Can't you wait?" She sighed.


"How did you know what I want?" I asked.


"Puh-lease. Whenever you need to pull over it's either to pee, or throw up...I think you need to pee."


I nodded, "yeah I do need to pee! And if you don't pull over I'll piss all over the front of your car!" I threatened. She swerved off the road and speeded to the gas station. "Careful! I'm with child!" I yelled holding onto the handle bar that's on the roof of the vehicle.


"Sorry my bad." She stopped the car and I jumped out before she even put the brake on. I wobbled quickly inside and made my way to the bathroom. Thank god no one else was in the bathroom or else I would've peed all over the floor.


I barged into the bathroom and made my way to the toilet.


"My god!" I screamed, it was the most dirtiest thing ever. I mean there was pee all over the seat and paper towels and toilet paper all over the floor. I wiped the seat off and quickly peed. I went to wash my hands but shocker these was no hand soap. I growled and walked back out. I walked the isles trying to find hand sanitizer. I found some and didn't even check the price and wobbled to the counter.


"Is that it?" The lady asked, I looked up from my purse.


"Yeah tha-" I stopped talking once I saw her. She literally had no neck! It was just her chin sliding down to her neck. I was a little disgusted but pulled out my money.


"Yeah that'll be much?" I asked avoiding eye contact.


"That'll be six pounds."


I opened my mouth, "why is this six pounds!? It's the size of my finger!" I yelled in outrage.


"I'm sorry ma'am but that's all I can do..." She said, I rolled my eyes.


"You know what you can do? Go and clean that fucking bathroom! Or at least put fucking hand soap in there! That's why I'm buying this hand sanitizer so I don't catch a disease from this place! But I guess I will!" I threw the bottle at the lady and walked out of the gas station. I'm absolutely beyond pissed. I got back in the car and slammed the door.


"What got you pissed?" Nicole asked.


"Dumbasses..." I mumbled.


She nodded and started driving. We finally got to the school I jumped out of the car and walked in with Nicole at my side. We looked around to find our dates. I saw a mop of dark curls through the crowd of people. Once I walked into the gym I got nothing but stares and smirks.


I heard one girl whisper to her friend, "Is it me...or does Dylan Greene look good tonight in that dress?" Her and her friend kept shooting me glances and whispered to themselves.


That's right bitches Dylan is back and better than ever!


I saw the mop of curls climb up onto the stage they had in the gym.


Was One Direction the live band?


Was that the surprise he had for us?


I heard the squeak of the microphone go off and everyone's heads shot up.


"Hello everyone...urm...we're One Direction...and we're the entertainment for you guys tonight at your prom..." Harry said looking through the crowd for me. When our eyes met we both smiled.


"Alright well this is probably a familiar song so here we go..." The beginning notes began to play of 'What Makes You Beautiful' I watched them preform the whole song and me and Nicole danced with the crowd of people.


"Ok, everyone we'll be taking a five minute break! With that enjoy the wonderful thing called Pandora!"


Louis says into the microphone. Harry and Niall jump down from the stage, and walk over to us. They both gave us kisses on the lips.




I smiled. "A very big surprise!"


He smiled, "how was the concert today?"


I asked, "it was great! Wish you could've been there though!"


I sighed, "but I'm at your second concert of today!"


He smiled, "I guess that's true..." I smiled. He took my hands, "care to dance?" I nodded and he lead me to the crowd of dancers.


Harry put my hands around his neck and he gently put his hands on my waist. We moved slowly around in circles. I felt like we were the only ones in the room. I was mesmerized by his eyes and we stared into each others. Even though it was a fast song we danced slowly while everyone else danced wild and fast.


"I love you." He tells me.

I smile widely and blush. He really does love me, and I love him so much.


"I love you so much, Harry." He smiles widely and pecks my lips.


Almost nine months and we finally confessed our love to each other.


We continued to dance, and the baby kicked once again making me feel the pain she caused.


Harry jumped and then giggled, "I felt that one! It felt like it hurt!" I giggled also. "It did hurt! The same happened already once today!"


"Ouch!" I nodded and we still danced. Then a bright light flashed. I looked and saw someone with a camera.


I gave him a 'wtf' look. He showed me the picture.


"I'm apart of the yearbook committee...we take pictures from some major school events and put it in the yearbook." I saw the picture and smiled. You could just tell we were in love. I head Liam's voice fill the room.


"Could Harry and Niall please report back to the stage please...thank you!" Harry took my hand.


"Where are we going?" I asked.


"To the stage!" He yelled over everyone's voices. I saw Nicole sitting on an amp I casually wave and she waves back. Harry pulled me towards him and was talking into the microphone. He said the last thing I've ever wanted to hear in my life.


"Give it up for my girlfriend Dylan! Who will be singing this song for us tonight!"

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