Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


12. Oh hey Lou...

I stared completely at the wall color draining from my face.

No way I could be pregnant! I'm to young!

 I dropped to my knees, "I can't be pregnant!" I whispered.

 Nicole came over and rubbed my back.

 "Isn't this kinda exciting?" She asked.

 "Yeah it would be if I was a few years older! Nicole I'm freaking 17 for crying out loud! I shouldn't be pregnant! I'll probably be on that teen mom show in a few years!" I whispered so my mum wouldn't here.

 "Well we don't know for sure if you are pregnant...want me to go and get some tests?" She asked.

 I shook my head no. "How about we go and buy some together but take them to your house?" She gave me a questioning look.

"My mum is here and she'll freak out if she finds out!"

 I looked at her and she grabbed a bag out of my closet. "What are you doing?" I asked.

 "Well if your staying the night at my house then you need clothes!" She told me.

 "Oh right!" I went to pack clothes for her house.

 "Alright I'm ready!" We walked down stairs and my mum looked up from her laptop to see us. "Where are you two going?" She asked.

 "Well we thought we should go to Nicole's house because I've been here all week long and thought that I needed to get out of the house for the day and night." I smiled at her, she looked convinced.

 "Ok go ahead and have your fun." She smiled.

 "Yay! Thank you mummy!" I cheered and ran out the door. In the back of my mind I thought to myself that I might even be a mummy...

 Thank god she let me go. We got into Nicole's car and drove to the nearest  drug store that was around.

"Alright you look this way and I'll look over there ok? And if you find some then get like 20 of them ok?" I asked she nodded and we went around the store looking for pregnancy tests. I found some and found a basket to carry things in.

 I brought the basket over to the shelf and literally knocked the whole shelf into the basket.

 "Nicole!" I shouted, and everyone turned around to look at me but I ignored them.

 "Nicole where are you!?" I hissed, and found her in a food aisle.

 "Come on! I found some!" I said, and she followed behind me.

 "Whoa Dylan how many did you grab!? The whole shelf?" She joked.

 "Well actually I can never be so sure!" I smiled and turned back around to go to the register. "But that'll cost to mu-" she was interrupted by someone hollering my name.

 "Dylan!? Dylan Greene? Is that really you?"

 I looked back to see who it was. Of course it was Louis Tomlinson.

 "Oh yeah hey Lou!" I said with little enthusiasm walking up to him.

 I looked over at Nicole standing there awkwardly. "Oh hey you remember my friend Nicole right?" I asked him.

 "Oh yeah the one who Niall likes right?" She blushed I knew she liked Niall too.

 "Well anyway Dylan whatcha been up too?" He asked.

 "Nothing really, I mean literally!" I smiled and so did he and he looked down at my basket and his eyes widened.

 "Uh Dylan are you uh um p-pregnant?" He asked.

 "I uh I-I don't know..." I said looking down.

"Hey if you need anything just let me know! Ok? I'll be there for you in a heartbeat." I nodded and I looked back up at him, he was actually a really caring guy!

 "'s Harry?" I asked, he gave me a confused look and then it seemed like he remembered what happened a couple weeks ago.

 "Uh well he's been better...but he has a girlfriend now and well to tell you the truth he seems like he's miserable since he has last talked to you." I nodded.

 "Oh well that's nice...but could you do me a favor and tell him I miss him?" I asked.

He nodded, "so what's with the pregnancy tests?" He asked. "Well since me and Harry has stopped talking to each other I have been getting really sick and vomiting a lot...and Nicole thinks that I might be pregnant so to make sure I'm not I'm taking all of them!" I smiled and he smiled a goofy smile back.

 "Well do me a favor and call or text me the results alright?" I nodded.

 "Well I better get going before Eleanor worries about me!" He said.

 "Alright! Maybe me, You, Nicole, and the boys should meet up sometime!" I suggested.

 "Yeah that'd be cool." He smiled.

 "Alright bye Lou!" I smiled and turned around to Nicole. "Well that took you long enough!" Nicole yelled at me. "I'm sorry it's just I haven't talked to him in a while and he's connected to Harry a lot and yeah you know."

 I picked up the basket and took off to the register to pay for them.

 "Alright that will be 50£ please."

 "Hey Nicole do you have 10£ I could borrow?" I asked, she nodded and gave me the money.

 I paid the cashier and we took off to Nicole's house. We ran upstairs into Nicole's room.

 "Alright hurry up and open them! I have to pee bad!!" I said jumping up and down. "Alright! Alright!" She unwrapped a couple and gave them to me. "Alright go!"

 I went into the bathroom and peed on 10 different sticks. "Anymore of them?" I yelled through the door.

 "Yeah two more you want them?" She asked.

 "Yeah bring them in!" I yelled back. I took them both and placed them on the sink. "Alright 10 of then have to wait 5 minutes while the other ones say 3." Nicole read off the boxes.

 "Alright." I took deep breathes, I looked at the first stick as 3 minutes go bye.

 "No matter what happens I'm here for you alright?" Nicole says grabbing my hand.

 "Alright." I took a deep breath and looked at the stick it said...

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