Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


48. Let's have a baby...

Dylan's P.O.V


Those words kept replaying in my head. I must look like a total retard just standing here with my mouth wide open glaring at Harry.


'I hate you...' I mouthed to Harry.


'I love you too!' He mouthed back then smiled. I nervously walked up to the microphone.


"Hey look the slut is going to sing!" A guy from the crowd yelled. I just ignored it but saw Harrys jaw and fists clench. I looked at him saying it was ok.


"So...uh...since I'm forced to sing...I'll probably damage your eardrums...." I thought of excuses for them not to stay and listen to me sing.


"So for your safety! I would step outside...until its over..." No one moved, except to get out their phones or cameras to video tape. Harry came up to me.


"What song are you doing?" He whispered.


"You'll see!" I whispered back.


I went over to the band and asked them if they knew the song. They nodded and I went back to the microphone. I let out a shaky breath and spoke.


"Okay, well this is a song by a few friends of there's. So, yeah..." I looked at my feet and waited for the music to start. "Here goes nothing.." I mumbled. The song starts and I sing.


"Within a minute I was all packed up.

  I’ve got a ticket to another world I don’t wanna go,

  I don’t wanna go.

  Suddenly words are hard to speak When your thoughts are all I see “Don’t ever leave,” he said to me."

  I let out a sigh and sucked in another breath.


"When we both fall asleep, underneath the same sky. To the beats of our hearts at the same time So close but so far away..." I looked out in front of me and stared at the wall.


"He sleeps alone. My heart wants to come home I wish I was, I wish I was.


Beside you


He lies awake. Trying to find the words to say. I wish I was, I wish I was,


Beside you."


After a few more verses I finished the song. My eyes were closed half the time and when I opened them to look at everyone they stared at me in utter shock.


"Uh..." Then clapping broke out. Then cheering. I smiled to myself no way this could be happening!


Harry came up to me and put a hand on the small of my back.


"You were great!" He whispered and took the microphone.


"Give it up for Dylan!" He yelled into the microphone. Everyone cheered louder and I felt relieved. I saw Ana in the crowd looking at me in pure disgust but clapped anyway.


I smiled very politely at her and waved. She rolled her eyes and walked away with her group.


"Another song!" Someone yelled, everyone cheered after they heard him.


"Another song! Another song! Another song!" They all chanted.


"Do you think you could maybe sing again?" Harry asked, I shook my head no.


"Why not?" He asked.


"I need someone else to sing with me!" He smiled.


"I volunteer!" I smiled and told him what song we should sing.


"We should sing 'Time of My Life' by David Cook." I suggested.


"Yeah we should. Even though it's not a duet, it'll work." He smiled and winked at me. We told the band what song and we both had microphones.


'Ready?' He mouthed I nodded. The first notes played and I felt a sharp pain in my womb...just a kick.


Harry began to sing.


"I've been, waiting for my dreams

to turn into something I could believe in.

And looking for that magic rainbow

On the horizon, I couldn't see it


Until I let go, gave in to love

Watched all the bitterness burn

Now I'm coming alive, body and soul

Feeling my world start to turn."


The chorus came up and I felt another pain in my stomach and realized that the pains were coming back more and more painful. I winced but still sang along.



"And I'll taste every moment and live it out loud

I know this is the time, this is the time to be

More than a name or a face in the crowd

I know this is the time, this is the time of my life. The time of my life..."


We harmonized together and I took a deep breath. More kicking was happening and it hurt really badly. Harry looked at me with concern but I nodded saying I was fine.



"Holding on to things that vanished

Into the air, left me in pieces

But now I'm rising from the ashes

Finding my wings and all that I needed


Was there all along, within my reach

As close as the beat of my heart."


I sang my verse alone still in much pain but I sucked it up. We sang the chorus together again and switched from singing on and off. I say we did very well.


The song finally stopped playing and a gush of water splashed to the ground. It was dark so no one could see or hear me because they were cheering so loud.


I screamed as loud as I could. No one heard me. "My water broke!!" I screamed.


Still nobody helped me.


"Somebody help me!" I screamed into the microphone.


It grew quiet and I moaned and groaned and the pains were coming back. Harry ran over to me followed by the boys and Nicole.


He grabbed my hands but I shook them off. "No Harry I need to sit down!" I sat down on the gross floor but I felt so much better.


"Dylan we need to get you to a hospital!" Niall said from behind Harry.


"Then get me there!" I screamed, I must've looked like a bitch at the moment but honestly I didn't care. I was having a baby!


Harry picked me up but was struggling. "Zayn call an ambulance!" Harry demanded.


Zayn did what he was told while we made our way to the doors.


"Ambulance will be here as soon as possible!" Zayn said, I screamed.


"I there NOW!" I growled.


"Screw it guys...I'm taking her to the hospital!" Harry tried running but that didn't work so he sped walk to his car. "Who else is coming!?" He yelled. Nicole ran to him and he put me on my feet. "Get her into the car." He told Nicole and she nodded.


"Dyl we need to get in the car," I nodded.


"I need help getting in..." She took my hand while I struggled to get in. "Harry was in the drivers seat I was in the back seat with Nicole and Louis. And Niall was in front.


"Where's Liam and Zayn?" I asked breathlessly.


"They're taking another car because we all can't fit in this one." Niall explained while I nodded.


I squeezed Louis' and Nicole's hands. They both yelped in pain.


"Sorry! It hurts me too!" I groaned and moaned the whole way.


"Someone call the girls and my mum!" I shouted.


"On it!" Louis said and pulled out his phone with his free hand. I heard him talk to El, Perrie, Dani, and my mum.


"They're all meeting us there!" He announced.


I groaned again, "Harry drive faster!" I screamed out in pain.


"I'm trying as fast as I possibly can!" He yelled back frustrated.


"Well try harder!" I yelled.


I breathed in again, " just hurts!!"


We got to the hospital finally! They all got me out of the car in under five minutes. I breathed deep and squeezed hands and groaned while holding my stomach on the way in.


We finally got inside to see my mum, the twins, Perrie, El, Dani, and Alec? Waiting for us. I ignored them and we went to the front desk.


"I'm having a baby! NOW!" I screamed, whined and groaned.


The lady behind the desk ran down the hall and got a wheel chair. I sighed with pleasure.


"Thank you!" She wheeled me down the hall and everyone followed.


"Sorry but only four people can be in the room with her while delivering the child." The nurse explained.


I looked at the people in front of me.


"Harry, Nicole, Perrie..."


I looked at the faces of everyone else. "And uh...Louis." The ones I picked smiled but some did not.


Alec was frowning but my mum seemed like she knew she wouldn't have seen her be born. Everyone else seemed to be fine with it too. Them four chased me down the hall way and entered the room. They moved me to the bed. Harry stood next to me with Louis on the other side both gripping my hands.


Jay walked into the room with a doctor.


"Louis!" She smiles and kisses his cheek.


"Hello mum.." He smiled.


"What are you doing here?" She asked.


"Uh you know just helping deliver a baby!"


"Enough chit chat! I need her out now!" I screeched.


"Alright Dylan you ready for this?" Jay asks while I nod.


"We're having a baby!" Harry whispers in my ear.


I squeezed his hand. "I know

baby, I know."


If you guys don't know the songs that they were singing above look them up on YouTube! They are really great songs! The one Dylan was singing as a solo was 'Beside You' by 5 Seconds of Summer. Then the one Dylan and Harry were singing together is 'The Time of My Life' by David Cook. Thanks for reading to this point!

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