Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


46. Let's go...

Dylan's P.O.V


By this time me and Nicole have our hair done. Mine is done where all of my hair is parted to the side of my head and its curled. I honestly love it. It looks so perfessional! When I saw Nicole's hair I just stared at her. It was just so fucking perfect! I mean she has it up in a tight bun and there's a French braid up on the top of her head. She just looked astonishing.


She drove me home and we decided to get ready at my house. She kept her dress in the back of the car which I don't understand why...but it's not my business.


We ran upstairs and got to work.


Well I didn't really run...I wobbled..


A giant kick kicked me in the middle of my stomach like someone took a baseball bat to it.


"Ouch!" I yelled while wincing. I sat down on a step and held my stomach for a minute. Nicole arrived at the top of the steps.


"Dyl, you alright?" She asked with concern.


"Just super!" I faked a smile and got up slowly and walked slowly up stairs. I guess she didn't like something I did...


I got into my room and saw Nicole already in her white dress.


"Oh. My. God." I shouted, she jumped and turned around.


"What!? What is it? Do I look ok?" She asked frantically.


"No..." Her face drops.


"You look better than look!" It was the truth she was literally glowing with perfectness. She had a bit of light pink eye shadow that brought out her eyes and white sparkly glitter blush to match her dress. She also had these black pumps that made her legs look long and tan. She also had small pearl earrings in her ears along with a small 4-leaf clover that brought her luck.


And here I was standing in jeans and a t-shirt looking like a fat pregnant potato.


"You really think so?" She asked admiring her self in the mirror.


I smirked, "yeah, I know so."


She smiled, "Go get your pretty self ready so I can drool over you!" I gave her a look that said. 'Shut up I'm not pretty'.


I walked into my bathroom carrying my dress and these white flip flops that would go great with my dress. Since I can't really wear heels I'm wearing the flip flops.


I had my jewelry box already in there, same with my make-up bag. I pull my black dress up making it fit and work. I have to say Louis did pick a great dress...who knew a guy could have such a feminine talent...


I put brown eye shadow on my grayish eyes to make them look like a brown color. I found these really cute pair of cross earrings and put them in and also a gold chained necklace that said 'Love' on it. I looked through the box once more and found a small infinity ring...


I don't know where I got it or when but I put it in my left ring finger. To let people know I'm taken. I put on the last shoe before I walked out of the bathroom.


When I stood in the doorway Nicole gasped...I heard a few more too. I looked to see my mum and the twins in my room also waiting with Nicole. " look absolutely beautiful..." Mum said with tears threatening to spill.


"Yeah you look very pretty!" Alexis complemented.


"Thank you!" I smiled and I looked at Savannah to see if she was going to say anything.




Then her mouth opened.




I looked at her confused, "why?"


She shook her head. "Because I never thought someone could be even more beautiful..." She stared at me. I smiled ear to ear.


"Come here.." She walked over to me, I held out my arms. She went into the hug trying not to hit the was a kind of successful hug...but not so much.


"That was the nicest thing ever Van..."


She smiled, "Well it's the truth!" I nodded "thank you.." She sat down next to everyone else.


"I just can't believe my baby is going to prom! Especially with the most famous boy in the world! Same with her best friend!" Nicole gave her a smile.


"Pictures?" Nicole asked, my mum nodded. She already had her phone out and a spare camera, she also had Nicole's phone and mine. Me and Nicole posed and my mum shot many photos then she stopped.


"Oh, Dylan you got a text from Harry."


I nodded, "ok, but a few more pictures...I need some with my sisters!" She nodded and Savannah and Alexis came around me. We smiled and took nice and goofy pictures. "I love you all!" I shouted out.


I went to get my phone to see the text from Harry.


"Hey babe! Can Nicole drive you there?"


I shook my head, he better not be standing me up. I called him. I took the call into the next room so nobody would have to hear me.


"Hello?" Said a voice I recognised on the other side.






"Why do you want Nicole to drive me?" I asked.


"Because me and Niall might be a bit late getting we'll meet you there. We also have surprises for both of you! Okay?"


I nodded even though he couldn't see me.




"So I'll see you there then?"


"Yes...but Harry you'll never guess what she did today!" I said excitedly.


"What did my princess do today inside of her beautiful mummy?" I smiled and blushed even though he couldn't see me.


"Well you guys were on the radio and she must've recognized your voice because when she heard it she wouldn't stop kicking!" I smiled again.


"That's wonderful, honey! I have to talk to and see you soon! Give my angel a kiss for me!


"Okay, bye." With that I hung up. I walked back into the room.


"Let's go to prom."

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