Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


14. I'm pregnant...

  Dylan's P.O.V

I felt my phone buzz in my back pocket. I took it out and was surprised to see who it was. It was a message from Harry.

 I felt butterflies in my stomach I read his text.


Harry: I miss you too.


 Is what he put. I smiled, Louis must've told him about earlier today.

 I was anxious in my seat and Nicole patted my knee. "Your going to be fine babes."

  I nodded and stared through the windshield. We pulled into the hospital parking lot.

 "You ready?" Nicole asked me, I gave her a slight nod.

 We got out of the car and walked in

. "Hi we would like to see a doctor immediately." Nicole told the nurse at the front desk.

 "Alright hun, but before we can do that you need to fill this out." She handed me a clipboard with papers. I took them and sat down in a chair. I filled in all the information that was needed and returned the clipboard to the lady at the front desk. "Thank you!" She gave me a bright smile.

 "The doctor will be here in 5 minutes for you." I nodded and sat back down next to Nicole.

 "I'm really nervous." I told her, she nodded and patted my leg.

 "Don't be babes, everything will be ok. I'll be here every step no matter who the father is." She gave me a bright smile, I gave her a weak smile back.

 "Dylan Greene?" A doctor called, I stood up and Nicole followed.

 "Um miss could you please wait here in the waiting room?" The doctor asked. I was getting scared and spoke up. "No, she can come with me she has the right to hear everything I hear." I told him.

Nicole put her hand on my shoulder. "Dyl I'll be fine alright? I'll just wait here." She went and sat down in a chair and I just nodded.

 "Follow me please." I followed the doctor into a room. "So what seems to be the problem miss Greene?" He asked.

 "Um first call me Dylan, and well my friend in the waiting room said I had symptoms to being pregnant. So we went and got plenty of tests and 6 came out positive and 6 came out negative. And so we came here to see if I was or wasn't because we just wanted to be sure."

 I told him, he looked like nothing had even been said to him.

 "Alright, well Dylan could you please come and lay on this bed for me?" He asked, I nodded and went over to the hospital bed.

 "Ok, well this will be warm just to warn you." He put this gel like stuff on my belly and rubbed it in with a little thing that's hooked up to a monitor.

 "Mm hmm." He said and moved it around more, it tickled.

"Well Dylan I will have to say that you are very much pregnant." My eyes opened wide and I could feel tears fill my eyes. I nodded.

 "Thank you so much!" I said and left the room without a word. I walked into the waiting room with a anxious Nicole pacing back and forth. "Well?" She asked.

 "Nicole...I'm pregnant.

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