Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


49. Here goes nothing...

Harry's P.O.V


Alright so Dylan's having the baby. Right now.


I'm over the moon right now it's just so exciting! Right now she's squeezing the feeling out of me and Lou's hands, mines pretty numb...


Perrie and Nicole were by Jay helping out with anything and saying encouraging things to Dylan.


"Uh Dylan have you started feeling pains before an hour ago?" Jay asked, she nodded.


"Yeah, about early this morning...why?" She asks while panting.


"It looks like you've been in labor for more than twenty-four hours." She said, all of our eyes widened.


"Wha- how?" Dylan asked, Jay chuckled.


"Don't worry, it's completely normal...unless its not notified quickly." I nodded and so did she.


"Ok your contractions are about thirty minutes you mind if I do a quick ultrasound?" Jay asked.


"No, not at all...go ahead. You are the doctor." She replied. Jay took the same wand type thing from the earlier ultrasounds and rubbed the jelly like substance on Dylan's lower stomach. She moved it around and looked at the screen, her eyes widened.


"Oh my..." Jay dropped the wand. and raced out of the room. Louis let go of Dylan's hand and chased after his mother.


"Mum! What's happening!?" He yelled running down the hallway. Dylan looked at me.


"Harry do you know if there's something wrong?" She asked with this scared look in her eyes.


"I know as much as you babe..." She looked into my eyes and then groaned.


"It hurts!"


Perrie giggled. "I'm serious girl! Try carrying a watermelon in your shirt for nine months!" Dylan sassed.


I chuckled and Nicole smirked. Perrie backed away.


"I'm good!" She said and smiled. Louis came back in the room.


"What's up?" I asked casually. Dylan gave me a glare.


"Is it good or bad Louis?" Nicole asked, "well it's good and bad..."


He said, "well tell me!" Dylan demanded.


"Alright you're perfectly fine...that's the good news...but the bad new is that...the...uh...well the kid is flipped..." He tried explaining.


"What do you mean flipped?" I yelled.


"I mean she's flipped! Her head is in the opposite direction where it is suppose to be..." Dylan tightened her grip on my hand.


"So is that bad?" Perrie asked.


Dylan put her hand on her forehead. "Yes Perrie it does!" She yelled, she backed away more.


"Sorry it's just the pain from the's quite stressful." Dylan apologized.


Jay ran back into the room, "Dylan we need to take you to the emergency now! She won't make it if you have a natural birth..."


"Will it be painful?" Dylan asked.


"No, it shouldn't be...we will give you numbing medication to numb the area we will be cutting open." Jay said.


"Cutting open!?" I yelled.


Louis looked at me, "woah Harry calm down. It'll be a tiny cut in the lower abdomen...then it'll be quickly sewn up after the child is taken out. But right now we have to go...the contractions are getting closer and closer!" Jay explained, I nodded and calmed.


"Please everyone put these on before you enter the ER." A nurse said walking toward us with blue clothing. "Ok put them on and we'll be going!" Jay said putting up side bars on the bed and putting down the wheels on it. I went and changed and stuffed my hair into what looked like a blue shower cap...but whatever helps them get things done safely is the best!


I walked back into the room to see Louis and Nicole but Perrie is still changing. "Ready to be a dad?" Louis asked putting a hand on my shoulder. I smiled and shuddered.


"More than ready!" I took his hand of my shoulder and shook it. "May the best be with you.." Louis said, I nodded and walked toward Dylan.


"You ready for this?" I asked, she smiled and took my hand. "Right now, I'll do anything to get her out! And you'll be by my side the whole time?" She asked.


"When you blink I'll be there..." She kissed my hand and sucked in her breath from some pain.


"Contractions are coming back!" She yelled towards Jay. Perrie ran back into the room, "Dylan I told your mum and and everyone what's happening!" She announced.


"Thank you!" She breathed. Jay pushed the bed towards the door. "You guys ready?" She asked, we nodded and headed out the door to the emergency room. I held Dylan's hand the whole way running beside her. Her other hand was rubbing her stomach, some of her make-up was running but I didn't care. Doctors pushed open doors for us to walk into.


"Patients name?" A doctor yelled.


"Dylan Greene!" Jay replied loudly and took a sheet out and put it across the top half of Dylan's stomach. It was so we couldn't see the part that would be cut open. A nurse hooked up a wire tube to a vain in her arm.


"This is for the numbing." The nurse informed us. We nodded and doctors and nurses were everywhere. Nicole and Perrie were on one side of the bed, me and Lou on the other. "We're about to start the procedure, I ask you please not to move around until we have everything under control. I held her hand and then let go to check on what's happening. Then I went back to her.


"I'll be standing right down here so I'll be the first to see her..." I whispered.


"Lou will stay here to keep you comfortable." She nodded and I stood by Jay.


Here goes nothing...


I mean everything.

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