Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


9. Drunk

Dylan's P.O.V

 Me and Nicole walked up to the bar. Nicole and Niall seemed to be hitting it off so I left them alone.


 "Hey Dylan! What are you doing here?" Harry asked me.

 "Well you know, just ganna drown my sorrows with alcohol."

I looked at him and ordered a martini.

 "Wait so what happened today?" He asked also getting a martini.

 "Well Alec broke up with me, I was on the news and everyone thinks we're dating, and let's just say your fans hate me." I gave him a sarcastic smile, and took a big drink of my martini.

 The familiar feeling of burning alcohol down my throat soothed me.

 "Dylan listen I'm sorry about my fans they're just jealous if we were together! And I'm also sorting out the whole dating thing with the press." He looked at me giving a apologetic smile.

 I sighed of relief, "ok good!"

 I ordered some shots this time. "Hey, aren't you under aged?"

 "Yeah but what does it matter?" I asked taking a shot.

 "Oh it doesn't really." He smiled at me.

 I took another shot until I got a little dizzier.

"Hey I think you should maybe slow down on the drinking!" He took my drink out of my hand.

 "Hey! That's mine!" I smiled. "Come on let's dance!"

 Harry said dragging me to the dance floor. I didn't deny it.

We walked on to the dance floor and one of my favorite songs came on by Hollywood Undead.

 "I love this song!" I shouted over the music. "It's sounds really cool!" Harry shouted back.

 We were dancing with each other until a guy came up.

 "Hey babe you wanna dance with me like that?" He asked giving me a creepy smile. "Go away loser.." I slurred.

 "Your drunk I don't think you know what you want!" He shouted.

 "You know what? Go fuck yourself!"

 "I can't without you there with me!" He shouted.

I started laughing. Until he kissed me. I pulled away roughly.

 "What the hell is your problem!?" I yelled.

 "You." He gave me a deep look, while I narrowed my eyes at him in anger. He pulled me in and tried to kiss me again but then Harry stepped in.

 "What the hell man!?" He yelled as he brought his arm up.

"Who's pretty boy?" The guy asked.

"Her boyfriend." Harry said in anger as he clenched his teeth.

"She doesn't look that interested in you mate she just kissed me."

"By force you dick!"

 Before the guy could reply Harry punched him. I looked up at Harry.

"Next time treat a lady with some respect." He spat and looked down at me.

 "Sorry about that I had too..."

 "I could've handled it myself Harry!" I yelled.

"Really? You sure did handle it when he started kissing you!"

I looked down at the ground. He did have a point...

 "Look I'm going to get a drink is that ok?" I asked him like he was my father.

 I didn't wait for a reply when I went up to the bar.

I saw Nicole and Niall making out in the corner. At least Nicole's having fun...

 I got 2 beers for me and Harry, I walked back to him.

 "Here," I muttered and handed him a beer.

 "Thanks." He mumbled.

 We sat down at a table.

 "So how's life?" I asked him as if I never talked to him.

 "Eh, same old same old...getting mobbed by fans or paparazzi here and there..." I rubbed my eyes.

 "Hey, wanna know something crazy?" I asked him, he nodded.

 I took a drink of my beer, "alright so when I went to get the beers I saw Niall and Nicole kissing! Not like just a kiss but making out!"

 His eyes got wide and his cheeky grin appeared.

 "I knew they would fall for each other! They were making googly eyes at each other yesterday!" He chuckled.

 "Well I need another drink care to join me?" He nodded.

 We went up to the bar and let's just say we had the times of our life's experimenting with all the alcohol, and we got really drunk.





"I wanna be drunk when I wake up, on the right side of the wrong bed."

My phone alarm screamed Ed Sheeran as I woke up.

Before I opened my eyes I felt a body next to me.


I opened my eyes to see a mans face snoring facing directly at mine. But it wasn't any was Harry's.

  I screamed a piercing scream that could make anyone go deaf I got up quickly.

 Harry woke up.

 "What? What happened??" He asked in his sexy morning voice looking around and noticed me  on the other side of the bed.

 "Holy shit. Dylan I'm so sorry!"

 I looked down and I'm completely naked only in a sheet.

 "H-how d-did t-this h-happen?" I stuttered with mixed emotions.

Harry rubbed his eyes, "I don't real know! All I remember is that we got really, I mean really drunk, and we ended up here!" He explained.

 My head was pounding. I looked around for my clothes. "Uh Harry where's my clothes?"

 "Um I really don't can borrow some of my clothes or Gemma's..." He offered.

 "Who's Gemma?" I asked.

 "My sister..." He said quickly and got up.

 I looked around and felt something in my stomach and then my throat. I ran into the bathroom.

 "Dylan, love, are you all right?" He asked pulling my hair back and rubbing circles on my back with his free hand.

"Yeah I'm fine probably from all the alcohol." I got up and rinsed my mouth out with water. "Can I borrow some of your sisters clothes please?"

 He nodded and went to get some. He came back with a Green Day shirt and some sweats. "Thanks, but I have to go...I'll get Gemma's clothes back to you!" Before he said anything else I ran out the door.

 I cannot believe I slept with my best friend or other wise known as Harry Styles.

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