Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


50. Delilah Marie

Dylan's P.O.V


I felt a needle slide into my arm. I looked down to see white gloves moving away from my arm.


"What is this?" I asked the doctor.


"Just some pain killers to make you more comfortable." I nodded and he walked away. Many people were running around the room shouting things like, "we'll need to start the surgery soon!" Or, "she's having a Caesarean section!" I looked around the room and saw Louis standing over me.


"How's it going, love?"


I gave him a look, "Did you seriously just ask me that? I'm having a kid!"


He smiled, "I was just trying to ease the pressure."


I squeezed his hand, "I know thank you for trying." He nodded.


A doctor came into the room and came up to me. "Hello, I'm Doctor Short and I'll will be doing this procedure for you tonight."


I smiled slightly, "hi, I'm Dylan."


She chuckled, "I know.." I nodded.


"Is this your boyfriend or husband?" She asked towards Louis. "Oh none...just a friend!" He chuckled.


" there's no father?" She asked, I nodded my head. "Yes he's right over there!" I pointed to Harry who was talking to another doctor.


"Ok well currently how many people are in this room?" She asked.


"Urm...a lot?" I asked, she chuckled.


"I mean family and friends!"


"Oh! Well currently...four..."She nodded.


"Well I hate to say it but i need you to ask three of them to leave..." My face dropped from my smile.


"Oh...alright..." I looked up at Louis he didn't seem happy nor sad.


"Lou..?" He blinked and looked at me. "I completely understand...I'll get Nicole and Perrie and I'll explain to them." I smiled and sighed with relief.


"Oh my gosh thank you so very much! I promise you'll be one of the first to hold her, ok?" He nodded and smiled. "I'll see you three later..." He walked around the room gathered the girls and left.


Harry walked up to me,

"Hey, why'd everyone leave?" He asked.


"Only one person was allowed in the room..." He nodded.


"Ready?" I nodded, he took my hand and I squeezed it tight. "Ok, Dylan who's this?" Dr. Short asked me.


"This is my boyfriend Harry." He smiled and shook her hand. "Babe, this is Dr. Short she will be delivering...or whatever..." He nodded.


"Ok, ready to start?"


I rubbed the top of my stomach. "I've been waiting for nine months..hell yes!" She laughed.


"Ok, stay calm and don't think about a thing...I want you to think about the happy moments you'll have with your child...and just focus on that and look at Harry the whole time, alright?" I nodded. Harry put on the blue type shower cap and stood next to me.


"She's ready!" Someone shouted. They crowded over my lower body. Dr. Short took the scalpel and cut open a tiny line on my stomach. I felt the pain and screamed. "Ow!" They ignored me and continued.


Harry tried calming me down saying encouraging things in my ear.


"Would you just shut up please?" I yelled. He did what he was told. I heard a piercing sound, it drove me absolutely insane. But I was relieved once I heard it. I knew exactly what it was. Harry squeezed my limp, weak hand. It was all over, she was here.


"Congratulations on a baby girl!" Dr. Short gave Harry the baby. Harry held the baby close and smiled, cradling the small human in his arms. "Hi!" He whispered softly. He bobbed her up and down a bit.


"Wanna see your mummy?" He asked. He handed the small child to me. I smiled and looked at her face. She had tiny curls on her head. And her eyes were a mix of gray and brown.


"Hello...I'm your mummy." I smiled and I began to tear up. I kissed her forehead. A nurse came over to me and took her away.


"We need to just clean her up a bit." She walked away. Dr. Short sewn me back up and smiled.


"Congratulations you two! What will you name her?" She asked, I looked up at Harry. "Can you give us a minute to decide?" I asked, she nodded and walked away.


I looked up at him, "we did it!"


I smiled, "any names in mind?" I asked.


"Yeah actually...I'm thinking Delilah you have one?" He asked.


"Yeah but I don't want to say mine...I really like that one..." I said, he shook his head. "Tell me now!" I smiled, "ok, I was thinking...Charlotte Anne..." His eyes lit up. "Beautiful..."


A nurse came back in with our baby. She handed her to me. "Want visitors?" She asked, I nodded. She walked out of the room.


Me and Harry watched and played with our baby. "How will we find out if she's mine or his?" He asked, I gulped.


"I uh...I guess we could have a test once he gets in here..." He nodded. The door opened, Louis ran in.


"Where's my niece at!?" He yelled which made me laugh. "Right here..." I said softly.


"Wanna hold her?" I asked.


"Well, yeah!" He practically yanked her out of my arms while I laughed.


"So, we were deciding on names...can you help us?" Harry asked.


"Of course I can. What are the names?" Louis asked.


I smiled, "there's Charlotte Anne, and Delilah Marie..." I said, he cooed her and played with her while he thought about it.


"I'm thinking Delilah...because my sisters also named Charlotte, and I think Delilah is a beautiful name..." I smiled.


"So Delilah Marie it is then?" Harry asked, I nodded. "I think so." Louis handed me Delilah back.


"Delilah..." I smiled at thought that she was mine. "Delilah Marie Styles..." She made a cute baby sound at the name.


"I think she likes it!" I tell Harry.


"So do I! Lets just hope the name will be Styles...not Riley..." He began saying and I nodded.


"Louis can you bring Alec in and get a nurse?" I asked. "Sure things babes!" He winked and left. Alec immediately walked in like he was waiting. He walked up next to me.


"Urm...hi..." I looked up. "Hello..." I said rather coldly. Harry watched us intensely.


"What's her name?" He asked.


"Delilah...Delilah Marie.." I smiled at her name.


"Very nice..." He commented.


"Do you want to hold her?" Harry asked, this really surprised me.


"Uh..yeah, sure." I handed her over not wanting to let go. "Hold her close and tight! Do not drop her or hurt her!" I directed. At this point Delilah was sleeping and I wasn't far from it.


"Tired babe?" Harry asked, moving hair out of my face.


"Far beyond it..." The nurse came in. "Mr. Tomlinson said you needed me...?" I nodded.


"Is it possible if we could get a DNA test of this baby?" I asked.


"Sure, I just need to take some blood from her..." She pricked Delilah's finger. She began to cry.


"Alec give me her..." He handed her over. It felt like my nightmare I had a few weeks ago. She took Harry and Alec's blood.


"I'll be back in ten minutes..." I

nodded. Dr. Short came back in.


"Decided on the name yet?"


"I think so! It's Delilah Marie..." She wrote it down on what I'm thinking Delilah's birth certificate.


"Last name?" She asked.


"Still working on it..." I said, she nodded and left. The rest of the group came in the room. They all crowded me and stared at Delilah in awe.


"Hello Mini Perrie!" Perrie said softly. I giggled. "What's her name?" Eleanor asked.


"Delilah Marie."


"Like the song Louis sang for his audition?" She asked.


"Oh yeah I guess so!" Harry said. Louis smiled.


The nurse came back in. "I have the results.." I sat up straighter. "Please tell me now!" I said, she unfolded a paper.


"The father is a Mr. Alec Riley..." She announced.


I started bawling.

This time it wasn't a dream.

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