Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


2. Contest

Dylan's P.O.V


   “That's what makes you beautiful!” The radio screamed down the hall. I walk to my sisters’ room and open the door.


   “Alexis and Savannah, turn off this trash now!” I scream at them, but they didn't listen. I went over to their radio and turned it off.


   “No listening to One Direction unless you have headphones in your ears, and on the lowest volume. Also, no singing! You got it?” I ask them. They nodded their heads as I walked out of the room and shut the door. I started walking to my room, but then I hear the music start to play again.

   I run back to the room. “That's it! It's mine now!" I grab the radio from my sisters then I hear the radio host.


“Up next, the winners to meet One Direction!"

I stood there and looked at them. “You guys didn't sign up did you?" I asked, but they nodded. Oh no what if they do win? Then I'll be stuck with five no good singers in my house for the day!

  “If you guys win I'm totally going to kill you.” With that I put down the radio and walked out of the room.

“Mom!" I yelled as I walked down stairs.

  “What Dylan?” My mother asks in a tired tone as I am face to face with her.

“Do you know what Alexis and Savannah did?" I ask.

  “Yeah, something about meeting One Direction, right? She asks me, clearly uninterested.

  “Yeah, I know how could you do that?”

  “Oh hush, Dylan. Don't act like that.”

“Like what? Ugh, you're so unfair!” I yell. I stomp my way upstairs to my room. When I sit on my bed, I think about what will happen if they do win.

  Nothing but silence is heard for a while, until I heard the radio show come back on.

  “Congratulations to Alexis and Savannah Greene! You have won our contest!”

After that statement, it was followed by screams.

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