Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


27. Bitch

Dylan's P.O.V

At this point me and Harry were on our way back to my house being the happiest people in the world and nothing would ever break that.

But I was wrong.

I got a text from someone that I have no clue who from and they sent me a link to a video on YouTube. I clicked on it and it brought me to the video on YouTube. I watched as Ana gets on a table and yells.

"Attention everyone!"

They all turn and watch how she calls me a slut and tell them that I'm pregnant.

I felt a tear run down my cheek. If only she knew what I'm going through...

Harry must've saw my tears and heard the video. He put his free arm around my shoulder, "hey don't let those things bother you. You are not a slut and this child is a gift from god." I smiled and nodded.

I continued to watch the video. I watched as Nicole went up to Ana and told her off. I smiled and stopped the video to text Nicole.

Me: Thank you!

Nicole: What'd I do?

Me: You went and stuck up for me with Ana.

Nicole: How did you find out?

Me: Someone texted me a link...

Nicole: Oh babes I'm so sorry about her!

Me: It's not your fault, and I should've listened to you.

Nicole: What do you mean?

Me: You told me not to trust Ana and I did and I didn't listen to you...

Nicole:'s okay.

Me: No it's not and I'll be happy to tell you I'm going to let her have it. Hard.

Nicole: Why not kick her out?

Me: I just might.

Nicole: Alright, tell me how it goes...

Me: Will try.

I smiled, I loved that girl.

"Is everything all right now?" Harry asked.

"Trust me, everything is wonderful!" I smiled and so did he. He drove into my driveway, "well I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked, I nodded.

He smiled, I gave him a kiss and opened the door.

"Good-bye, my love!" I called out while shutting the door and waved. I hurried into the house, and I checked the time.


Enough time to yell at Ana.

I walked upstairs to be greeted by Savannah yelling my name and hugging me around my waist.

"Dylan!" She said so breathlessly.

"Hey kiddo! Whats the matter?" I ask while hugging her back.

"How did your appointment go?" She asked, I beamed.

"It went wonderful!" She smiled.

"Hey, where's Lexi?" I asked.

"She's in our room...she's sick."

I felt really concerned. "Why, happened?" I asked.

"She threw up at school." She simply stated with a shrug.

"Well I have to show you both something." I walked into their room, to be greeted by my mum.

"Dylan! How was your doctors visit?" She asked.

"It went okay I guess...but I'm glad you're in here. I need to tell you three something." I sat on Savannah's bed.

"Honey, I don't think you should be in here with Alexis like this." I waved her off.

"She's fine, and if she can't listen I'm not telling." She frowned but didn't argue.

"Well you two know who Louis Tomlinson is right?" Why do I keep asking obvious questions.

"You will never guess who my midwife is! It's Jay Tomlinson!" I watched their reactions, Savannah almost is going ballistic and Alexis has the biggest smile on her sick face. I walked over to her and sat next to her.

"You wanna see a picture of my baby?" I asked her.

"Yes please!" She squeaked, I smiled and took the picture from the ultrasound out of my purse. I handed it to her, she smiled which made me smile.

"You wanna see, mum?"

"Oh my goodness yes!" I handed her the picture, then I let Savannah see it.

"I got to go I'm going shopping with a friend..." I announce.

"What's her name?" Mum asked.

"Eleanor...Calder." I said and smiled, I smile way to much.

Savannah and Alexis squealed. I walked out of the room to Ana's, before I knocked I heard her on the phone so I decided to listen.

"No, I'm fine my dad doesn't hurt me." She waited a few seconds.

"No, I'm just pretending...I can't wait until I get out of here!" She groaned loudly.

"No, I'm only here to know Dylan's personal life story..." I gasped and had enough of this bullshit.

"If you want to leave so bad then why don't you get the fuck out!" I yelled barging into the room.

"Have you ever heard of knocking?"

"Have you ever heard of the word trust? Or backstabber? Or get the fuck out of my house!?" I screamed, her mouth was wide open. This stress anger isn't good for me.

"I knew I shouldn't have let you stay here...I let you stay at my house, I let you wear my clothes, I gave you my food to eat! I should have listened to everyone that warned me! Ya know I thought I could trust you! But Instead you come here just to tell everyone about my personal life that no one needs to know! How would you feel if I told the whole school that you were pregnant and just slept around all the time! Or it ends up on the Internet! If I were you I would get your shit, get out of my face, and get the fuck out of my house! And I hope you go to bloody hell for all the things you do!" I stopped to catch my breath, I knew yelling wasn't good for my health at the moment but I didn't care.

She was left speechless with her mouth wide opened.

"Oh and a word to the wise honey, you should close your mouth you might catch flies!" Her mouth snapped shut, and I walked out of the room.

Like a boss!

I thought, I heard shuffling coming from the room across the hall and saw her run down the stairs. I went and laid on my bed until I heard the front door slam. I let out a huge sigh and sat up. I checked the time.

Three fifty-nine.

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