Life is Full of Surprises...


You may know her as the sassy, rock music loving girl.

Nothing else.

When her boyfriend breaks up with her for an unknown reason, a band member that she recently just met, helps her out.
Who can that one person be?

You guessed it.

Harry Styles.


19. Anger

Nicole's P.O.V

Ugh! Why is Ana such a bitch!?

Well the good thing is that tonight it will be just me and Niall...

Well that's what I thought...

I almost ran home but I had to wait for slow poke Dylan.

"Dylan come on! Your to stinking slow!" I yelled down the sidewalk.

"Sorry! But I'm carrying a child!" She yelled back, I rolled my eyes and continued walking. We finally got to my house and I ran inside into my room.

"Dyl! Come quick! I need your help on something to wear for my date with Niall!" I shouted from my bedroom.

"Well someone's a little anxious!" I rolled my eyes and went through my closet, while Dylan sat on my bed.

"Hey, you got a text from Niall." I literally jumped on her for my phone.

Niall: hey Harry and his girlfriend wanted to come on a double date with that fine?

Me: yeah absolutely! See you around 7!

Niall: ok!

I locked my phone and sighed this was our first date and someone had to ruin it...

"I'm going out to dinner with your maybe baby daddy!" I smiled at the terrible rhyme.

"Why!?" She totally flipped.

"Him and his girlfriend wanted to double date so were going to Nandos." I explained, she only nodded but I could read what looked like jealousy?I need to get her and Harry talking together again.

"Alright what should I wear?" I asked her pulling out items from the large closet.  She pulled out my red and white New York City shirt.

"How about this?" She asked wadding it up and throwing it at me.

It was perfect! Not to fancy but a little casual. "It's absolutely perfect!" I said and went over to grab it.

I pulled out a light pair of blue skinny jeans and found my grey flip flops. I put on a pink rose bracelet I found and put a headband in my hair.

"How do I look?" I asked facing Dylan.

"Absolutely adorable babes!"

She tried to wolf whistle but wasn't successful. I laughed really hard at that.

 I looked at the clock 6:55. Niall will be here any minute!

"Ok Dyl I'll text you the details later!"

"Alright see you tomorrow! And also don't get too nasty." She winked and walked out of the door and got into her car that she left at the house.

After she left Niall pulled up in his car. "Bye mum!" I yelled, and walked out the door. I got into Niall's car.

"Hi!" He greeted cheerfully.


Niall's P.O.V

I pulled up in front of Nicole's house and she walked out of the house. I looked at what she was wearing, it was hot.

 She got into the car I tried my best to be friendly to her. "Hi!" I greeted cheerfully.

"Hey!" She greeted back.

"You look nice!" I smiled.

 She sniffed the air, "thanks, you smell nice."

I chuckled I never heard that one before.

"So where's Harry and his girlfriend?" She asked after a few moments of silence.

"They're going to meet us there...and just to warn you his girlfriend is not the nicest person you want to be around." I explain to her, she giggled.

"That reminds me of a girl in my school!" I chuckled.

We got to Nandos and got out of the car. We saw Harry and Ana already inside. Nicole looked over to the table she froze and gasped.

"Nicole what's wrong?" I asked worried.

"She's here!" She whispered in my ear.

I was did she know Ana?

"How do you know her?" I asked.

"She's the bitch of the school! You know how school has those, right?" I nodded.

"I don't understand...Harry deserves way better than her! She's just a cold heartless animal that uses people!" She explains.

We must seem strange standing here whispering and not getting to the table.

"Now you feel how the rest if us feel! Like the other day for lunch we came here and she rolled her eyes and gave dirty looks to our fans! She was also a total bitch to Eleanor!"

 She didn't look very surprised. "Yeah I'm so use to that!" She said emphasizing so.

We walked over to the table. "Harry you know Nicole right?" I asked he nodded. I just gave a nod back understanding.

 Nicole and Ana were giving each other death glares once I sat down.

"And Ana I see you already know who Nicole is." She rolled her eyes at me and I just looked away from her.

"Wait how do you two know each other?" Harry asked completely clueless of the situation.

"Let's just say we're friends from school." Ana said, without looking at him. "Ok then." He smiled, I cannot see why he wants to be with someone like her.

The waitress came and asked what we wanted. Ana ordered a salad while Nicole, Harry, and I ordered chicken fingers. All Ana eats it seems like is salad, salad, and salad! I like girls who aren't afraid to show how they eat, like Nicole.

"So Nikki how's Dylan?" Harry asked, Nicole gave him a confused look. "Oh sorry! I just felt like I should call you Nikki..." He said embarrassed.

" Yeah, uh, please don't call me that." She smiled trying to erase the awkwardness.

I melted until I heard Ana's voice. "Why do you care about that nobody named Dylan?" She asked, I think all 3 of us rolled our eyes this time.

"Well Harry she's actually been pretty good but um she's uh pregnant..." She looked up to look at everybody's faces. Mine and Harrys faces had shock and Ana's had a devilish grin on it.

"Oh god...Ana don't tell anyone!" She begged.

"Why shouldn't I tell the whole school that Dylan Greene is a slut!?" She almost yelled.

"It's not your business! You shouldn't get in the middle of everyone's personal lives and try to fix your own!" Nicole growled.

"My life is perfectly fine! Right Harry?"

Harry was dazed off until he heard Ana snapping her fingers. "Um, yeah, I think so..."

 I have no clue what's going on, Harry's face went pale and my curiosity got the best of me.

 "What did you just say Harry?" Ana asked.

I guess I didn't hear what Ana asked Nicole. I think it was something asking who the father was or something like that.

 "I said it's my fault!" He said a lot louder.

"And you know what? I'm tired of your attitude! So if you can't except that the one I love is maybe caring my child then turn around and walk out of that door right now!" He yelled, I was shocked and proud of Harry for what he did.

Ana gave Harry the finger and walked out of the restaurant. "I hope you and your whore will be happy!" She yelled out the door.

Harry looked so mad, "I uh erm Niall I think I should go home..." Nicole said quite awkwardly.

 "Um ok let's go.." I stood up.

"Can I go with you guys?" Harry asked, I nodded.

"Come on let's go..."

We walked out of Nandos with a lot paparazzi waiting for us.

"Harry! What happened in there?" One yelled, "Harry did you and Ana break up!?" Another yelled.

"Niall is this your girlfriend!?" A 3rd one yelled.

I grabbed Nicole's hand and ran to the car. The 3 of us got inside and sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Nikki I'm so sorry for what happened tonight!" Harry said emphasizing the so. Nicole didn't look angry at all, but slightly annoyed.

"It's Nicole," she said rather coldly.

"Sorry..." He muttered and faced the window.

"It's fine Harry you deserve better than a girl like Ana she's such a bitch!" She continued the earlier discussion.

 We both nodded in agreement. I pulled up in front of Nicole's house.

"Well I guess this is bye for now?" She asked, I smiled she wanted to go out on another date! "Yeah totally!" I said smiling.

"Again, Nicole I'm so sorry!" Harry apologized once again.

"Harry, seriously it's fine. Alright g'night boys!" She said getting out of the car.

"Bye!" Me and Harry said in unison, causing us to laugh.

 I drove off away from her house after she safely went inside.

 "Hey Niall do you think we could stop somewhere for a minute? I need to visit an old friend..."

A/N: what'd u guys think about Harry stepping up?

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