A night to remember

Kylie is a major directioner but when she finally gets tickets to their upcoming concert.She never thought it would turn her life around.


3. are you serious

Kylie's POV

We walk in to the arena with the boys but they had to go backstage to have a quick meeting.I thought it would by hectic but definitely not this hectic.As we make our way to are seats.Loads of girls are giving us mean looks.

We find our seats then we hear "Kylie Jordan." being shouted by a Irish accent.We stand up turn around and start to walk up to him."yep whatcha want us for?"Girls are sending us filthy look that e send straight back at them.Niall pulled us to where know one else was and gave us two backstage passes.  

Jordan and I both look at each other and hug him.He hugs us,then we go our separate ways.We push past all the girls.Jordan turns to look at me I nod my head "girls," we yell they all turn to face us, "get a life." we turn on our heals and laugh all the back to our seats.

Jordan's POV

I see the boys peek their heads through the curtain scan the room for us and find put two thumbs us for us.












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