A night to remember

Kylie is a major directioner but when she finally gets tickets to their upcoming concert.She never thought it would turn her life around.


1. come on

(Authors note)

this is for Irish4everUK 

sorry it is so short

also could you read my other one it is called more than this (Niall Horan love story) 

peace love Nandos ;)

Saibhe Horan ;?



Kylie's POV

"Hurry up we are goin to be late"I yell at my best friend Jordan while taping at my watch.She just rolls her eyes and continues putting on her make up."Seriously do you really need that much make up?" I ask."Yes we are in the front row ah duh." She says while coming over to me and whacking me on the the back of the head playfully.

While I have her attention I grab my keys and phone then grab her arm and pull her out the door.I tell her to get in the car.While I get our posters.

I grab them and lock the door.I skip to the car with a smile on my face."well someone's happy." she says with a giggle "yes we are in the front row ah duh." I say before cracking up laughing.

We drive to the arena.But when we stop at a red light.There is a knock at the window.I look out the window and outside is 5 cute boys.



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