One Direction Imagines

This is a book I'm making to post images of you and the boys. I did not make these imagines. All of these imagines were made on another one direction app called One Direction Community. I'm posting them here because I think that they are really good. I hope you like them!


81. #81: Bath time.

#81: Bath time.

Louis: Soap and bubbles and a bubbly beard that you shamelessly smeared all over the bottom of his face. "You're such a child," he snaps playfully, but his clenching biceps reach for you under the water and grab you, pulling you to his chest as he tickles you more forcefully, stopping your laughing with his soapy and wet lips.

Niall: The whole entire time is full of kisses, his wet and warm mouth constantly on any part of your body he can reach. He strains underneath your thighs, you placed over his lap as you gladly accept his hot neck kisses. "Okay, so maybe," he rasps, "We should get out of here." And you nod, allowing him to guide you off to the bed.

Liam: "You have a little bubble here," you start off, your hand starting to make way to his face. He clasps it gently in his before you can touch him and pulls you forward, gently knocking his forehead to yours. "Kiss it off, maybe?" He gives you a smirk and you equally annoyingly roll your eyes, but comply and kiss his upper lip softly.

Zayn: It's completely childish and you two stare at each other for a few minutes, wondering what exactly the plan was and why you two were even there to begin with. But he ends up kissing you eventually, your back pushed against the faucet uncomfortably. "Shower," you moan out softly when he nips at you, "Shower. Now."

Harry: Your body is soft against his while his is hard against yours. You just stare at him for a few moments, your lips parting and unparting repeatedly. "Stop," he says softly, his eyes trying to tear themselves away from your lips. But the point of being in the bathroom was for a new experience, so he gave in and kissed you.
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