One Direction Imagines

This is a book I'm making to post images of you and the boys. I did not make these imagines. All of these imagines were made on another one direction app called One Direction Community. I'm posting them here because I think that they are really good. I hope you like them!




Louis: It was a wild night, and you start to realize that when you come to. Your eyelids flutter open and you're immediately hit with the stench of stale beer. You're also aware of someone's eyes on you, along with a body resting itself on its elbows. "Well, good morning," he drawls out, his lips close to your ear as he kisses your neck softly, "How's that headache?" You groan, and he pulls you close, laughing.

Niall: You two had been best friends since birth, so it wasn't really a problem to be sleeping in the same bed as him, it was just weird waking up to him... all of him. "Niall, seriously?" you asked in a moan, trying to wiggle away from how he got a hold on you from behind, "Take a cold shower or something." A soft giggle escaped his lips and he tiredly sighed. "I'd much rather take you to the shower...." "Niall!"

Liam: It was a rough night for him and he really needed someone to stay by his side for the night, so you gladly decided to stay. Though the couch on which both of you passed out on was very uncomfortable, he was curled around your back and nuzzling your hair softly. He was still asleep, breathing softly, so you just squeezed his hands around your waist and whispered, "I'm always here for you."

Zayn: Eventually when you had cried out of tears, you ended up slumping into him and falling asleep snuggled up into his chest, which he didn't really mind. He was tired too, so he lied down with you and kept you close. When you woke up to him in the morning though, his arms wrapped tightly around you, you smiled and kissed his nose softly. "Hi," he murmured without opening his eyes, "You okay?"

Harry: His legs are entangled over yours, his burly arm slung over your middle as he rests on his stomach and snores into his pillow. He's naked, just like you, and his chest is rising and falling with every breath he takes, and his fingers don't stop subconsciously moving against your hip. He can sense someone watching him and somehow he stirs to a wake, his voice deep and groggy. "Hi, beautiful."
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