One Direction Imagines

This is a book I'm making to post images of you and the boys. I did not make these imagines. All of these imagines were made on another one direction app called One Direction Community. I'm posting them here because I think that they are really good. I hope you like them!




Louis: Instead of firmly gripping your calves or thighs, his hands decide to carry you on his back by your bum, cupping nicely around the curve. He says he likes your bum almost as much as he likes his!

Niall: Making sure there is no chance of you falling or him slipping in the process, he runs around in tiny circles while making little 'vroom' noises, which causes both of you to laugh uncontrollably. You've fallen twice because of this, though.

Liam: With you on his back and him walking around, the two of you get a lot of weird stares. He likes doing piggy backs slightly different than most people; one of your legs will be wrapped around his hip and the other will be dangling down. He thinks it's cute.

Zayn: You make a complete fool out of him when you reach around his head and grab his nose or steal his glasses. He can't protest much though, because if he did, you would most likely fall straight on your bum.

Harry: His arms are tight and secure around you. He likes it when your arms are around his neck and your legs are around his extremely long torso. You could stay there all day and he wouldn't mind. It reminds him of your extremely passionate makeout sessions, too.
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