One Direction Imagines

This is a book I'm making to post images of you and the boys. I did not make these imagines. All of these imagines were made on another one direction app called One Direction Community. I'm posting them here because I think that they are really good. I hope you like them!


102. #102: You're in 'the mood' ...

#102: You're in "the mood"...

Louis: You pounce on him the minute he plops onto the couch. You straddle his lap and slither your arms around his neck, already hearing him groan. "Y/N, it's been an hour since we had - " You kiss him to shut him up. He gladly kisses you back.

Niall: "Can you please explain to me what I'm doing so well that is making you want to practically dry hump me?" he murmurs while you suck on his neck, "Because I'm willing to do it more often."

Liam: "Love," he sighs, trying to suppress a moan when your lips edge towards his weak spot, "Can we at least slow down? I-I don't feel like this is approp - oh, Jesus, you're good at this."

Zayn: Teasingly, he pats your bum with his hands as you push him down onto his back. "So," he tries to make conversation, "I guess I'm looking extra sexy today."

Harry: He doesn't even hesitate to hoist you over his shoulder and carry you to the bedroom. He hums happily on the way up the stairs, "I'm going to get laid tonight... I'm going to get laid tonight... I'm going to get laid tonight...."

This was fun lol and slightly mature.....
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