One Direction Imagines

This is a book I'm making to post images of you and the boys. I did not make these imagines. All of these imagines were made on another one direction app called One Direction Community. I'm posting them here because I think that they are really good. I hope you like them!


100. #100: Your first time *mature*

#100: Your first time
Caution: If you are not comfortable with reading or imagining about sex, then don’t continue on.

Louis: You were completely blind, the silk swatch of cloth covering your eyes, tied tightly behind your head. You could feel his tongue swirling around your naval, licking off the last band of sticky whipped cream. Trembling all over, you tightly curled your toes at the end of the bed, feeling Louis retreat back up to your jaw. His tongue was moist and his breath smelled of the slightly sour, slightly sweet strawberries he had previously nipped at your bottom lip for. His hands were roaming all over you, tweaking at your breasts and squeezing at your sides. He had complete control over you, hovering on top of your naked body by just holding himself by the palms. “Don’t be scared, I’m right here,” he murmured close to your ear, squeezing you gently, “It’s just you and me, remember? Just tell me when to stop.” But both of you knew that neither of you would stop; it was too sensual, too teasingly hot and seductive. Your breathing was becoming shallow and you desperately wanted the blindfold to come off, but you knew he would want to wait to see your eyes as the finale came. “Are you ready?” he whispered in your ear, pressing his hard-on into your thigh as he gently pulled at your earlobe with his teeth, making you gasp in pleasure. You nodded silently, legs spreading for his enter. He grabbed your wrists, holding them above your head as he slowly entered into you, hissing out between his teeth. Your toes curled even tighter, your breath hitching and getting caught in your throat. His mouth was on yours then, hot and passionate as his skilled tongue pushed through your opened mouth, sucking at your own. He was moaning in the back of his throat, his thrusts deepening and growing faster. Before you could get a chance to kiss him back, his mouth was on your neck, whispering against your skin, “You feel so good.” He left a trail of kisses down your neck and shoulder, biting at the skin, which you were ought to see the marks in the morning. You whimpered and let your head fall back into the pillow, allowing him to take complete control of you again. His hand tightened around your wrists, his mouth moving down to your breasts as he pulled out for a moment and then pushed himself into you again, filling you up more than before. You gasped, your lips quivering as he growled in your ear, suddenly ripping the blindfold away from your eyes. “Hi, beautiful.” You lost your breath a third time that night, completely lost in his eyes.

Niall: He’s sitting across from you with those lustful eyes, sandwich discarded in his hands as he keeps his eyes on you, mouth hanging open slightly as you trailed your thumb down your bottom lip. You smirked, knowing exactly what you were doing as you let your finger slightly probe in your mouth, sucking off the mayonnaise that was left. Niall suddenly scraped his chair back, standing fully upright as he marched over to you. “Let’s go,” he growled, and you could hear the arousal flicking off his tongue. Not bothering to let you get up, he grabbed you and carried you bridal style to the bedroom, looking down at you as you giggled. He gently threw you onto the bed, crawling on top of you while he unbuttoned his jeans. “You’re such a tease,” he spat, removing his jeans and throwing them into a beginning pile on the floor, making no hesitation to pull your tank top up and over your head. His mouth found its way to yours, his lips urgent with passion as he cupped your face gently in his hands, biting down on your tongue possessively. “Mine,” he quipped, “All mine.” You moaned as he slid his hand down your bare stomach and down into the waistband of your jeans. “Mine,” he whispered again, one of his fingers twirling around your most sensitive area. He yanked down your jeans but suddenly stopped, seeing the fear evident on your face. “You have nothing to be scared about, baby,” he promises, kissing the corner of your mouth, “But if you want me to stop at any time, just let me know. I’d rather you be comfortable, okay?” He paused slightly, throwing your jeans onto the floor. “God, you’re beautiful.” At just the sight of you in your panties and bra, he smiled. “I love you so much.” He kissed your forehead and nose, edging down to your lips as he grabbed a condom and put it on his throbbing length, fingers fumbling slightly. He pulled down your panties and you closed your eyes, sucking in a breath. “I love you, too,” you mumbled gently, threading your fingers through his hair as he slid into you, clutching onto your waist. “And you’re all mine,” he murmured again, pumping into you while sliding his hands down your body. “All fucking mine.”

Liam: His naked body pressed against yours from behind in the bathtub, his hands roaming down your arms with the vanilla body wash. He pressed a kiss to the back of your neck as his hands slid down to your thighs, washing gently. “About tonight,” he whispered in your ear, shifting slightly so you weren’t sitting on his erection, “I’m kind of scared, too. Scared that I’m going to hurt you the most. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t like hurting you.” He pressed another delicate kiss to your back, his hands massaging at your inner thigh, making you suck in a lungful of air. “You’re not going to hurt me,” you say softly, turning around so you’re staring at him, locking your arms around his neck, “Don’t worry.” His eyes flickered down to your mouth, his orbs darkening as his cock twitched beneath you. “I love you,” he whispered before wrapping his arms around your waist, pressing his hands tightly against your lower back — edging towards your bum. His lips found yours, soft and sweet with love radiating off of him. He wasn’t worried about hurting you now; he was more focused on making you feel loved… by showing you how much he loved you. He edged you back gently so your head was resting next to the faucet. Your legs wrapped around his waist and he kissed you again, his teeth leaving marks on your bottom lip, begging for entrance. When he got what he wanted, he cupped one of your breasts and squeezed lightly, feeling you moan in his mouth, making every inch of him vibrate with need. He locked his tongue around yours, pulling gently as he fondled with your other breast. Water from the still streaming faucet cascaded down both of your bodies, making the pleasure more desirable. “Not here,” Liam panted, his erection dangerously close to your entrance as he ground his crotch into you, “The bed.” He turned off the water, letting it drain out as he took your naked body out of the tub, carrying you to the master bedroom. He laid you down, his body falling on top of yours. His hands made their way down your hair, across your chest, skimming down your stomach, and pressing their palms into your thighs before spreading you open. Liam looked down at you, smoothing your hair back softly, repeating, “I love you.”

Zayn: “Don’t fucking touch me!” you spat, slapping his hands away as he edged towards you, his eyes dark — but not with anger or fear… longing. Seeing you angry and red in the face turned him on so much, his eagerness twitching beneath his trousers. He reached for you again, this time pressing you up against the wall with strong hands, keeping you pinned there. “You’re turning me on so much,” he whispered in your ear, his hot breath making you tingle, “So fucking much….” He kissed your neck and collarbone, going down to your shoulder as you tried to control yourself; but you couldn’t, of course you couldn’t, because it was turning you on, too. Just seeing him yell, his neck veins popping with boiling anger and his hands clenched into fists, made you wonder what he would be like angry in bed. It got you damp immediately, but as soon as he controlled you against the wall, you were like putty in his hands. Taking your moan as a ‘yes’, he hastily picked you up and carried you into the bedroom, slopping discarding both of your clothes. He was naked now, his erection gloriously pressing into you as he reached for a condom. Kissing you deeply, he gave you a taste of what he had in store. He leaned over you, his lips turning up into a smile. “It’s normal to be scared, but I’ll take good care of you. Do you trust me?” He was still angry, you could tell, but his voice was soft and you instantly knew he was going to take good care of you. You nodded your head, clasping your ankles around his back as he put on the condom. “But not before…,” he started, his mouth muffled by your breast. He pulled at your nipple gently, swirling his tongue around just to play with your head. You whimpered quietly, tightening your legs around him as he pushed your legs aside with the heel of his palms, teasing you with only the tip of his penis, edging into you gradually slow. Without breaking eye contact with you, he thrust (hard) into you, his hands gripping at your arms while his mouth found yours again, mumbling against your lips, “We should fight more often.” And then he was pumping into you faster, his mouth never leaving yours.

Harry: “Sssh, relax,” he hissed into your ear, his long, skilled fingers rubbing circle motions into your skin. His big, muscled and strong hands were currently working down your neck. His skin was soft and calloused, soothing and hot against your skin at the same time. Both of you knew what would be happening next, and he wanted to take your mind off the worry by giving you a ‘harmless’ massage. Soon, he was whispering in your ear, pretending not to hear your restless pants, “I wouldn’t hurt you, you know that? I would never, ever ever, hurt you. I love you. Just focus on me and I promise things will be okay.” On that cue, he flipped you easily onto your back, now exposed to your naked chest. You stared up at him with adoring eyes as he linked his thumbs through your panties, pulling them down with ease. “Just focus on me,” he repeated, skimming his hands — which still had a little more massaging oil slicked against his palms — down your arms in a soothing motion. He kissed your forehead softly, proceeding to your cheeks and jawline, soon kissing your mouth with fiery desire. His chest fell and rose against yours, pressing into you tightly so you could feel the bulge forming underneath his boxers. He grunted into your mouth, nodding slightly when you guessed what would be happening next. He slid off his Calvin Klein’s slowly, wanting you to get the full effect. He grabbed the condom, taking your hand in his so you could slide it onto him. His eyes burned into you as he leaned down, taking your face in his strong hands, kissing you fiercely. He wanted to distract you with his kiss so you would feel less of the pain, but he wanted nothing more than to hear you screaming his name. With your eyes closed and your mouth battling with his, he gently moved into you, his arousal thick and throbbing, even inside of you. His mouth moved gentler, as did the rest of his motions, wanting your first time with him to be special. “I love you,” he whispered against your mouth, “So much.” He thrusts in and out of you smoothly, never letting go of your hands.
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