One Direction Imagines

This is a book I'm making to post images of you and the boys. I did not make these imagines. All of these imagines were made on another one direction app called One Direction Community. I'm posting them here because I think that they are really good. I hope you like them!




Louis: It's hard to breathe because you see the most magnificent man standing upon the alter, water in his eyes as he takes in your white dress. It's hard to breathe for him, too, because he's ready to marry you and to start a life with you. He don't think he'll ever be able to breathe again until your hand is in his, as you whisper and look into his eyes, 'I do.' Then he'll breathe.

Niall: It's hard to breathe and for a minute you black out, seeing nothing but stars as the whirl around and around your weary little head. You then feel arms around you, though, holding you up as a rough hand grasps your chin and begs you to wake up, to look at him, because you're okay and he can save you from the pain. Your eyelids flutter, and there's your angel. You can breathe.

Liam: It's hard to breathe because he's holding your newborn baby, staring down at it with eye that gleam with tears. He looks so happy and that makes you want to break down and cry because this is him, the father of your child and the husband that said 'I do'. And there he was, holding your son, making it hard to breathe because you'd never seen him so angelic before. He'd never been so happy, either.

Zayn: It's hard to breathe because you are staring into the eyes of a man that loves you more than anything, but can't bear to hurt you. It's hard to breathe because he's slowly starting to let go of yours fingers and leaning in to kiss your forehead goodbye. So many things are making it hard to breathe and you're crying and trying to clutch onto him, but he just shakes his head and lets one single tear drop. But it's for the best. He swears you deserve better, that's he too dangerous.

Harry: It's hard to breathe and he's barely breathing at all, staring at you with eyes that are in dangerous slits as he fights the urge to shake. He doesn't open his mouth, doesn't say anything, just stares at you as it slowly begins to sink in. He takes in a deep breath and lets out one short laugh, running a hand through his hair as he thinks of how long he has waited for this. You told him you loved him and he lost his breath for a second because of you, his beautiful girl.
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