Do you Remember me?

Hi. My name is Stephanie. Call me Steph. And I myself hate Liam Payne with passion. I don't hate his girlfriend Danielle. She has no idea what type of a monster he really is. He hurt me bad. It has been 2 years and I am still not over everything. He is purely evil in everyway. He's the devil, And I am living through hell. How could I be hurting so bad, and he is off living the dream. I cannot believe what has happened. Or who I've become. And it's all.his.fault.

But then again. How could the devil appear as such an angel? With such beauty. Or maybe he is an afraid angel. I will never know. Well maybe I will find out. Why he left me, especially in my time of need. Everything was falling apart. Maybe the next time he visits home I'll be able to confront him.

But now he is complete jerk. And is acting like he never knew me. What should I do?

I don't even know why I am writing this aha. I think I am just bored. But I will totally update as often as possible

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1. Right before my eyes.

No, it couldn't be.

What? No... Is it? Is it actually the boy... well man now, who broke me? I cleaned my glasses to make sure. And for my luck it was. The one day I decide to look like crap, he's here. I decided to wear my glasses out because... well honestly I was just being lazy. But truthfully I didn't really care how I look. I haven't for the past year. I've just stopped trying. I've given up hope that I will find love again.

Right now I am at chapters, the book store. I'm in the teen section. I slide across the book shelves and peak around the corner. I see Liam purchasing a new book at the counter. There he was. Right before my eyes. I have dreamt about this happening before. But never did I actually think it would happen. My vision is starting to flicker. And just like that, I had fainted.

I woke up to one of the workers shaking me. I was so confused. But yet I only had one thing on my mind. LiamI looked around and saw that there were a few people staring.I shot up and ran to the front of the store. He wasn't there. Gone. I ran out into the chilling weather to find nothing but a crowded parking lot with snow falling everywhere. I must say it was beautiful.

I can't believe I let him go. I knew I didn't forgive him. I hated every inch of him. Inside and out. No matter how attractive he did look. He hurt me,

But at the same time I loved him. I never stopped. How could I resist his ever changing hair. Or his deep brown puppy dog eyes. His caring heart. I could go on and on.

If I hadn't been such a baby. I would have walked up to him and confronted him. I decided to leave. I checked my purse to see if I had everything. And in my purse was a book I forgot to pay for. Ahh, I could really care less. I headed straight for my car. Everything was going so fast. I mean it went

Get into car,

Drive home.

Stumble in apartment.

Take elevator,

Unlock door

Slump on couch.

Shut eyes.

I was in a deep sleep dreaming about something amazing happening. But then I was awaken to here some chuckles coming from outside. I got myself up. Cracked a few bones. And crept over to my balconies sllde doors. I couln't be seriously looking at the 5 boys I did NOT want to see. \

I tensed up. Filled up with anger. Slipped on my slippers. And ran down the 4 flights of stairs. Ran out the door to see 5 lads having a laugh.

It was quite cold. I flew over there in seconds.

I pushed my way through who I think was Niall and Harry? I don't know. After the whole situation I kind have tried to ignore everything about one direction. But now n days they are every where I go.

"Hey, what the hell?" I heard a deep British accent yelp.

"Liam freaking Payne" I shout in his face as I push him. Push him so hard he fell in a pile of snow. He quickly got up and wiped off his jeans and jacket.

"What gives?" Liam unpatientaly asked.

"Hmm I wonder" I asked sarcastically as I growled.

"Seriously, what's your problem?" an Irish voice added.

"Tell them Liam... if that's even your real name" I angrily stated. Okay not my best line. Well actually the worst, most stupidest line ever. But I was angry and didn't have time to plan out any of this

"Love, I have no idea who you are or what your talking about" He said as he chuckled.

Escuse me? What the hell did he just say!?!?!?!

Trust me Liam is the most kind and warm hearted person I know. Well knew. But he did have his moments. It wasn't his chuckles that bothered me. It was the fact that he supposively doesn't know who I am or what my problem is. Words can't describe my anger.

As soon as I know it. I'm slurring words, and acting like a crazy person. I guess I'm making a scene. But for good reason. He think's he's the top shit. Well guess what? He's not! I can tell I am a mess. I'm not crying, but I'm a wreck. And now the boys are just plain laughing at me.

To be continued...

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. More will come very shortly. Maybe it's already up?;) ahaha.

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