Do you Remember me?

Hi. My name is Stephanie. Call me Steph. And I myself hate Liam Payne with passion. I don't hate his girlfriend Danielle. She has no idea what type of a monster he really is. He hurt me bad. It has been 2 years and I am still not over everything. He is purely evil in everyway. He's the devil, And I am living through hell. How could I be hurting so bad, and he is off living the dream. I cannot believe what has happened. Or who I've become. And it's all.his.fault.

But then again. How could the devil appear as such an angel? With such beauty. Or maybe he is an afraid angel. I will never know. Well maybe I will find out. Why he left me, especially in my time of need. Everything was falling apart. Maybe the next time he visits home I'll be able to confront him.

But now he is complete jerk. And is acting like he never knew me. What should I do?

I don't even know why I am writing this aha. I think I am just bored. But I will totally update as often as possible

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4. Have they heard of privacy?

Liams P.O.V

I dont exactly know what they were thinking when they decided to look through my stuff. Like seriously. Have they heard of privacy? I'm screwed totally screwed. I never knew what I was thinking lieing.

"Liam, before we apoligize, what the hell were you doing lieing to us?" Zayn started.

"Uhm..." Just as I begin. I run. Run out of the house.

I don't exactly know where I'm headed. So I keep walking. I just have a hoodie on, and it's freezing. I breath on my hands to get them warm. Its quite nice out, besides the temperature. The snow is falling. Its so crisp and wonderful. I find myself headed to the park. Its a quite large park, but as I always use to do. I head for the swings.

As I head to the swings I find myself staring at a girl on one of the swings. Just sitting there, staring down at her feet. I reconized her. It was Stephanie.

I think I might as well apoligize. What was I thinking? I heart a poor girls heart. And I didn't do anything about it. Now that I think about it. I feel extremely guilty. She was lovely in everyway. She never wanted to hurt anyone or anything. She did nothing but give me love. We had the best times. So many. We spent almost everyday together. We weren't exactly the most popularist. But it didn't matter. We had eachother. Then the day when I left for the x factor I told her everything would be fine. But weeks went on. And I got carried away. I met a girl Danielle and fell deeply in love with her. But at the same time I always thought of Steph.

I slowly walk over to the swingset. I was quiet. Until I tripped and fell on my knees...

Oh gawd. Way to make a fool of yourself Liam.

"Uhmm you okay?" I hear a soft voice ask.

"Uhmm.. I supposed. Just soaked from the snow is all..." I mutter. K, this couldn't get anymore akward.

She got off the seat and started to wonder off.

"wait, please" I ask.

"Liam, you've made yourself pretty clear that you don't want anything to do with me." She started. But before she could say anymore I interrupted her.

"Please forgive me.. lets catch up. And I could explain if you would just give me one chance" I ask starting to sound like I am begging.

"Liam. No. I can't let what you did happen again" She explained.

"Please. Your overeacting" I start. Oh no. Did I just say that!?!?! I didn't even mean it.

"You tool! How the hell could you say I'm overeacting! You broke my heart and then left me alone for 2 years!" She screams as she tries to push me. But she failed.

I'm hurting inside. I didn't think what I did was that bad. I've never had something like this happen before...

"You freaking jerk" She screamed once again.

"And to think I was ever 'in love' with you" she whispered.

Why am I so stupid. How could I let a wonderful girl hurt so much. How do I make it up to her?

"I'm honestly so sorry Steph. Please one chance. One chance is all I need. Please. Please." I beg.

"Fine.. I suppose" She muttered.

"Yaaay. Thank you thank you thank you soo much"

She half smiled and we walked over to the equitement.

"Listen... my intentions were never to hurt you. I'm not going to lie. I just kind of forgot about you. But its not like I wanted to. I was still in love with you. I was just soo busy and never made time, and I" I was cut off.

"Liam... it's alright. I understand. I mean.. if I was in the same situation I probrobly would act the same..."

I felt relief. I was so glad.

"So you don't love me anymore?" I winked.

"Well I dont know. I can't. You've moved on. Sorry I bothered you so much" She apoligized.

"No, no. Don't apoligize" I smiled.

We hung out for the next two hours in the park. We had a great time. We went on equitement and laughed and did stupid stuff just like old times.

I miss old times...


"Wanna come back to my place for a bit?" I ask with hope in my eyes.

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