I bleed just to feel alive.

My self harm story. And why you shouldn't start.


5. Why you shouldn't start.

No one should ever start harming themselves. They will regret it for the rest of their lives. I can't go swimming anymore because of all the scars. And that really sucks because I live in the sunshine state. No matter how down you feel avoid the blade and just talk to somebody about your feelings you won't regret it. If you have no one to talk to then just add or message me on Facebook my user is "Towritelove Onherarms" Note that all information will be kept secret and nothing will be shared outside of that message. Just put down the blade or lighter and smile. That first cut you make you will become addicted, the body releases endomorphins, it's a "natural high" that you get. It will give you a adrenaline rush that will last for like 2 minutes making you not focus on what's happening in your life but instead on the cuts. But when it wears off you will regret it. I do not condone self harming to fix your problems I'm putting this out as a warning, every scar you see you will remember how badly you hate yourself for it and just leads to more and more. I'm never satisfied with my cuts so I have to deeper and deeper. But I can't go deeper than I want though. Just imagine going into the ER with all those cuts and scars that have to be stitched, it's embarrassing. You can't live with the thought of someone actually knowing. Please don't start, talk to someone that you know will understand you or care. I'm a good listener I gave you the name for my Facebook specifically for that reason. Or if you don't feel comfortable with it write what you feel in a journal. But I do care and I will do whatever I can to help. 

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