I bleed just to feel alive.

My self harm story. And why you shouldn't start.


4. Reasons why.

There are many reasons for the things I do to myself. There are too many to name but I'll just start off with the main ones so it will be easy for you. I don't know how to cope with my feelings. People say I should start writing but I've never been very creative and the places where I DO write like school they tell me what to write and I'm limited. That doesn't help the creativity grow it just surpresses it. There's no one that I know that really understands that I can talk to about it and not be judged. That's the thing I'm afraid of, being judged for stupid reasons then be labeled "EMO", "ATTENTION SEEKER" or just being looked down on as if everyone is better than me. Even my parents say "People who do that to themselves make me sick". Telling them about it is out of the question. The biggest reason of all is that it's ADDICTING. It's my drug basically it's funny because it's just as hard to quit doing as crack or meth. Believe me, I want to stop so badly it's just hard without any help, support and motivation.

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