I bleed just to feel alive.

My self harm story. And why you shouldn't start.


2. It's daily

Ever since that horrible day that I've picked up that knife I have been living a life of regret and guilt. Every scar I see I think of it as a battle that I lost with myself. The cutting has become a daily thing. It's horrible. I've started using razors more than knives I discovered they work alot better. I try different methods of self harm such as burning and purging. I hate them both so much but they help so well. People have noticed my cuts or scars and I panic and say a stupid answer like 'The cat' or 'I fell'. They are stupid enough to believe that my cat scratched me in straight consecutive lines, lol. But I'm sorry kitty for blaming them on you but it's my only way of not being more of a disappointment than I already am.  But I actually do want someone to notice no, not for attention but for help like a teacher or something. But I don't think a teacher would ever care enough. Everyday I pray to be normal and happy again but it never happens...

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