A book

Don't look at the cover. It has nothing to do with the story. I just liked the picture.


1. A book

 I remember one of my birthdays. I was still in kindergarden, I was about four or five. I still liked playing with Barbies and I was one of those kids which were really shy, but open at the same time. Sounds a bit strange, but there is no other way to explain it. On this birthday I was celebrating with my family and some frineds. We were at my home and we were playing games. All I remember was that my room was a complete mess and I was hoping my mom wont make me tidy it. But, apart from that it was great. I had lots of fun. It was still the kindergarden years when you can celebrate without caring too much and invent fun games in just a second. Best years of my life. The best part were the presents. I am sure you all know that. I received lots of toys, most of them cheap, not like the dolls my parents gave me usually, but I still liked them in a way. They were just not my favourites. On that day my parents gave me a Barbie Swan Lake doll. Just like the one from the movie. And I loved it. However, the present that lasted the most was what my aunt gave me. A copy of Charlie and the Chokolate factory. Quite a fun book. I liked it, but not as much as my Barbie.

That's all I can remember. Then I grew up. I became a teenager. The age when you test your parents' love. Well, as every teenager I had some problems with my parents and we often had fights. But, all of this was not a big problem and it was soon forgotten. The thing I couldn't forget was our dinner on school night.

- We were thinking something.

- What? - they started the conversation a bit seriously for a friday evening.

- Your grades are not the best and you need them for your future, so we were thinking that maybe you need a change of school.

What? A change of school? Were they serious?

- What do you mean?

- You need a different environment. Somewhere a bit different.

- You mean like other part of town.

My parents looked at each other.

- We mean like other country.

I was speechless.

- What? What should that mean?

- We have thought about it for a long time. You need to go somewhere else. The education here is not good. You need a place where you can develop. The school we chose is a really good one. It has high standarts and we are sure you are going to feel really good there.

- So you have already chose the school?! Don't I get a say in this?!

- Don't be like that! Just try to be reasonable.

- I want to see the school first. I want to see it and then I will decide.

That was it. I was going to see the school and say I don't like it. Then all of this would end and I will have all my life same as normal.

My parents looked at each other and then at me.

- Dear, we already booked you a seat.

Booked me a seat?!

- What?! Do you have brain damage?! You just decide you are sending me somewhere?! What about my feelings? Don't I get a say atleast at where to go? Don't you care about what do I think? Am I just a puppet you can play with?

- Don't behave like that, please.

My mother tried to calm me down, but I wouldn't let her. She had no right to do this. They had no right to do it. It was my life! I decide!

I ran to my room and locked myself inside. The moment the lock clicked I exploded. I started throwing pillows and pens and books all over the place. I didn't care how precious or fragile it was. I just kept throwing and throwing. I didn't care! I was throwig and crying at the same time. The tears were falling down my cheeks and then on my shirt. One after the other. It was just not fair! Why? Why would they do this? How? How can they do this? This is my life! I was asking myself all these questions when suddenly I got to the box of dolls. And there she stood. My Barbie Swan Lake. My favourite toy ever. She was smiling the way all of them smile. She still had her blue dress on. I never dared to take if off. She had stood in the box for about four years. And she looked exactly the way I remembered her. Perfect. In a way I felt like I was one of those dolls. Someone would take me, change my clothes and play with me. Tell me what to do and what to say. Arrange my whole life. Just like that. And I had no right to object. I was just supposed to sit there and look pretty. Noone cared if I want to be a dancer or a cook or a pilot. I just what did whatever I was told to. I was one of the Barbies now. And when I was small, that was my wish. To have all these beautiful clothes and a big house and so many furniture and accesories.

I kept crying, my tears falling on top of the Barbies now. Suddenly they didn't look so perfect. Then I saw the other present I received. The book. In the movie version you find out you need family to make you happy. But right now, family was what made me unhappy. And the book was not so deep. It was just a funny story. I opened it and looked at the pictures. When I was small I wished I could go into a chokolate factory. I wished I was Charlie. And right now, I still wished that. I wished I was lucky enough to win and live the rest of life in the chokolate factory. If that happened I would't need school. I wouldn't need to leave. I could just stay where I am. But life was not so pefect. Charlie is just an imaginary character.

A few days later I was packing my stuff. Yes, I had just a few days to say goodbye. And, sinse I was going to live there, I didn't need much luggage. All I took was a Barbie and a book.


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